Monday, 28 November 2011

Why Censorship­® is good for you*

The December 5th issue of Time Magazine in the U.S. VS the rest of the world. Something seems a bit different, but I can't seem to place it. Both are "TIME" magazine and dated DEC 5 2011. Both have a red border... So what's wrong with this?
U.S. Cover
Europe, Asia, and South Pacific Cover
I think this demonstrates the level of censorship that is actually going on.

While it could be said that this is a 'marketing-level decision' because 'fun little cartoons' sell better than 'the chaos of (staged, CIA funded) rioting and brutality that is unraveling the fabric of society across the globe' here in North America. I find this a very doubtful argument for one very simple reason: the media loves to sensationalize the 'fog of war' especially if it can do so while also 'making brown-coloured foreign nationals fit the TERRORIST profile'.... So what gives?
There are two possible reasons for this sanitized cover that I can see as being real, and they might both be true at the same time.
  1. This demonstrates citizens 'fighting the power' which might light the short fuse of many tempers in the U.S. that have thus far remained fairly calm and peaceful (law enforcement excluded).
  2. There are a growing number of people who do not believe 'the Arab spring' is anything less than a CIA funded U.S. operation that has been planed and carefully orchestrated over many years.
I might actually be more incensed by the main article they are presenting as the focus...
"WHY ANXIETY IS GOOD FOR YOU*" *if you know how to use it... (otherwise anxiety is actually eating a hole in your stomach and slowly killing you. PS: knowing how to use it = write your congressman, pray to your president, eat your soylent green, and get back to asking 'do you want fries with that?' you dirty hippies.)
note: to read this 'disclaimer™' text hold control (CTRL) and scroll with your mousewheel until all other text is gargantuan. Broccoli is good for me if taken orally (unless Monsanto also makes Broccoli, then forget about it), so what kool-aid are they selling?

I don't believe I am too far from the mark on this. So it would appear that the puppet masters are much more afraid of the U.S. population than they are of the rest of the world. And why not be? The U.S. used to have a constitution that if actually followed today:
  • U.S. politicians would be on the endangered species list
  • The Federal reserve would be demolished
  • The CIA/DOD/FBI/TSA would be closed
  • The prison system would be so overwhelmed by the influx of war criminals, financial terrorists, and all the evil puppet lackeys who sold the lie that the death penalty would have to be reinstated especially for all those who tried to steal the system... 
So it appears that a choice must be made. You can take your tangled intestines and knit yourself a lovely sweater, or you can do something more productive with all that anxiety and raw anger.


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