Monday, 6 April 2015

The Unsaid Value of Wooden Nickels

I've come to realise that the more I seek to uncover the truth the less of anything I seem to believe. It leads to the consequence of further alienating myself and being cast even further adrift in a cesspool of unfriendly harbours. Speaking of cesspools... Pot: kettle, kettle: pot. It all starts to melt together into an unrecognisable parody of its former self if you watch it overlong. I'd say I try not to watch it to closely, but it really is like watching a train wreck in that you'd rather not see it happen but it's hard to avert the eyes once they're fixed on it.

Here it is, Easter Monday and I'm doing what all good Christians do to commemorate the resurrection: wandering around a factory outlet mall being told by guys in G4S uniforms that smoking outdoors is prohibited... Aren't they the company who was in charge of security at every false flag terror event? When did they turn legit? Come to think of it, I never saw G4S anywhere until a year or two after that correlation was made and now I see them standing around in front of banks and wandering shopping malls that never had much security presence before... Obviously it's the keeping you safe and secure ploy hard at work trying to prove how much such a service is needed, keeping the world safe from terrorist nicotine addicts everywhere... Maybe it's just coincidence, or maybe there really is no such thing as negative press exposure, but all the same it just feels odd.

I do remember a time when the retail sector in this area was closed on such holidayShoput in this period of collapsing retail empires I suppose the idea is they must be open 24/7 in the hopes that someone will buy something even though most can't afford it. Sharing economy be damned, and as promising as this may sound, I feel it to be highly unlikely. In fact, the article even mentions that Amazon is making space for 800 people, which is a fraction of the numbers shed by Future Shop, Target, et al, and the rest of the work shall be done by drones who will work for free.

Eventually it'll be time to pay the piper and the only thing left will be wooden nickels, provided you had the sense to cut up some popsicle sticks prior to past due... Not that this type of currency will be deemed acceptable, but at least rubbing two wooden nickels together long enough makes fire, whereas pocket lint does not. I know that common sense is on sabbatical and has no intention on returning until we clean up this mess and others like it.

Not that I am by any means implying these are the only things to be concerned with, but if you want to find others it's as easy as following the bankers... Anything they are betting your money on is bad, anything they are getting insured with your money is worse, and anything they are both betting your money on then insuring with your money has to be a lose/lose situation...

Speaking of losing my money, the fact that this author is 'unclear' how much this helps leads me to suspect Canada sold 4 billion in shares for 3.3 billion, but due to a complete lack of figures the best I can do is invent the initial purchase price (or whatever fancy jargon word needed to be used to determine if "unloading" these shares was a sound investment). I think the word 'unload' might be the key to the entire article, but, I am merely trying to interpret what hadn't actually been said...


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