Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Flipping 'the Bird' at 'Life's Lessons'

I believe I mentioned this effect in a previous post. I'd say that worked precisely as planned given the outcome. Far be it that they point the finger toward their own ineptitude or complicity in having put as many people on the wrong lists as possible and providing an unmanned call center to correct the issue. They don't even try blaming the last guy who quit politics rather than face a jury of his plebs who would likely demand trial by fire. I mean, let's face it, his peers can hardly find time to show up for work to vote yea or nay on turning bills to law even if that's a majority of the job description... Too busy kissing babies or something... And that last rat-bastard now has a nice cushy 150K of my money proving that doing the devil's work pays immediately.

Some fear-mongering is just to good to die, note how the very first paragraph has ensured a biased jury by leaving a columbine survivor in their ranks to get all hysterical about mass-shootings. We want to raise awareness of PTSD but not point directly at it. It's funny how reading a weeks worth of news at once can turn up all the idiosyncratic tidbits. Mapping technology creating ice, what will they dream up next?
Question asked, and answered... 

Strange... I just bore witness to why j-walking is illegal as I watched more than half a dozen people get off the bus and look the opposite direction of oncoming traffic. Sure the first two people were fine because they knew how to cross the street, but the remainder of the group stood doe-eyed in path of oncoming traffic until the oncoming car had the nerve to honk... You can bet there were more than one nasty hand gesture thrown in that direction... Life imitating life, I almost started laughing and pointing were that not so cliché. I know I was meant to see that otherwise I wouldn't have.

I know it's hard to admit to being (in the) wrong, and much easier to flip the bird at that which conscientiously tried not to kill you for being wrong, but it still doesn't make you less wrong. I'm sure I had more to say here, but this post just feels like it ends right about there... -dirtykid©

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