Thursday, 16 April 2015

Crackintosh Access

I'm occasionally surprised how little information as to why we are asked to believe MSM news... HOW... How do pipelines put more greenhouse gases out there than their counterpoint: massive freight trains turned fireball? I know I am part of that group deemed too stupid to breathe on my own called: the public, but really, could we maybe put a fancy incomprehensible word into the sales-pitch... Just one! I am not even asking for a fancy string or catchphrase like cart-before-horse, oh wait, that was the catchphrase, wasn't it? Shouldn't the official story pushers be trying harder to justify their side of the story in the wake of so many official stories unraveling moments after being published? I was recently asked to hack my late aunt's Macbook to obtain certain contact information out of it. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being impossible if have to rate OSX password security a negative 3. Two keystrokes and two short commands later I was granted full access, while standing at a bus stop without internet access on the way home from picking it up. So easy a child could have done it. At least with Windows I'd have needed some special software which could still permanently damage the operating system if done wrong. I haven't checked if I have full access to her Facebook and gmail accounts yet, but I'd imagine that's another two-step hack to access the password keychain. Maybe that part of it will prove to be more difficult. We shall see. -dirtykid©

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