Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A Matrix of Circular Thought Process

I was thinking the other day (well, OK, I think every day, but that's not really the point), and my mind wandered into the matrix and it's algorithm of perfect mathematical harmony, which, according to the very person who wrote and claimed the equation's perfection, was not perfect. This thought led me to the equation governing all things economic in our apparent reality, which would likely also be described as a perfect balance of mathematical precision and harmony by those who wrote it so many lifetimes ago, but somehow forgot to carry the one after dividing by zero thus leading us to the imperfection of what was supposed to be perfect... Are we still with me? Not sure I am either, but I wasn't the one making up the equation or fancy terms that all mean theft, so understanding it all was not really that imperative, but understanding that the world economy in it's present state is a paradox that should not exist is.

Understanding that it is perpetuated by people who claim to know more than anyone else but are actually used car salesmen who aren't actually selling cars is another important factor. So the world is, in that essence, a programmed reality based on an intangible concept which can't physically exist despite it's constant attempt to convince everyone that it does and therefore has to exist...

The mind makes it real...

We accept it at face value because nobody is taught to think, or ask questions. Of course nobody is taught to spell or write a proper sentence these days, but that's probably a side effect of teachers not being taught to think and society's present acceleration beyond ludicrous speed. Probably all going as planned according to the agenda of darkness, but I'm not going to try to prove that theory today.

I have, in fact, strayed from where I intended to go just a little bit, but all points get wrote when they mean to get written...

The thought of the faulty algorithm we've been made to think perfect actually led me to ponder that programmed reality in the matrix. I realised that here cannot be there based on my understanding of computer programs... You see, with all the malicious software that runs rampant on the internet we'd have one of 3 things happening which are not happening:
  1. The system would nullify this malware in an attempt to protect itself, and keep itself secret.
  2. Malware code would have evolved to hack apparently unhackable things as, in this type of environment, all things would technically be programs themselves.
  3. Every now and then, some code glitch would be introduced, like the code monkeys behind the scenes forgot <? Include $gravity> or ObjectIsSolid=True.
Unless that blacker than black material is proof to the fact that someone (though I suppose something is more appropriate) forgot <? ObjectReflectsVisibleLight=True>.

And what of all these AI developers? Would they not be thwarted for trying to build code that would directly compete against the AI controlled machines who locked us into the matrix? Unless this is what has people like Steve Wozniak suddenly so fearful of AI development...

Hmmm... I'm starting to think this might be harder to prove than originally thought... Ah well, if nothing else, at least I'm demonstrating how a thought process works.


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