Monday, 20 April 2015

Thick and Crusty Apathy

A good point was raised in a recent smoking mirrors posting... Or maybe it wasn't actually raised but my brain slipped into a tangent while reading, which is very close to the same thing from my perspective...

Why do I come here?

I had thought that I had some obligation to finish what I started years ago except it's been a while since everything concluded itself... Sure there are the ongoing dramas of political corruption, brutality from the 'protect and serve' (the bankers) goons, and the never ending wars against the enemies of our greatest enemy, but these were always there and ever obvious and are evermore so now as they've escalated and accelerated. Pointing to those things which everyone plainly sees can only serve purpose while illustrating that none of the limelight perpetrators, though guilty, were the actual mastermind behind the crimes...

I've tried many approaches to get there because I know everyone interprets things according to their own familiarity with the subject matter. And as I write this I understand that most who come here likely already know what I was going to say because on some level they've already felt it.

I still haven't answered my own question yet...

For the most part, I come here because I haven't come to terms with whatever is supposed to happen next. I don't even know what happens next, at least not on my own path. I may still see a whole lot of what comes next in terms of the cause and effect laid out by those who think they are in control of the results they are attempting to lay out but I know such things are 'generic' and not specific to just me.

Damn this time-lapse blogging... I've lost focus and have no idea where I was heading with this... I'd almost day this will fall into the chronic 'draft' and unpublished status... Except...
Days later...

I come here to draw attention to things which illustrate that things are just as bad, or even worse than they had been in hopes of waking people enough to wipe the crusty bits of apathy from the corners of their still half-sleeping eyes. Maybe I'll succeed, and maybe I won't but at least I'll know that I put in an effort after coming to understand that any effort to fix it from within the confines of the system are designed to fail... Even a small victory where a petition appears to stop something only delays it until no one is looking or three hundred pages are added and the bill renamed.



  1. Maybe you come here and write what you do to provide yourself with just a little piece of mind. What you see abhors you to the core and doing nothing is worse than doing at least this. This is what allows maybe a little of the pent up urge to scream a vent rather that allowing it to get to the point of "going postal"
    A single person going postal accomplishes nothing so until the masses are ready which may be never then carry on brother cause I do like reading your posts.

  2. I'm sure there's more to it than maintaining sanity, of there really is such a thing... Besides, I did actually go semi-postal on leaving my last employer... Maybe I forgot to write about it, or maybe there's a certain level of gag-order involved in the court settlement where neither side wanted to drag things out for years... Not that I had the means to drag it out for years as we are all slaves to economics... I did have a good case to have done so and watched two HR managers suddenly take permanent sabbatical on starting to investigate the circumstances that led me to that fateful day...

    I wouldn't change a thing about how I handled it though :)