Thursday, 3 July 2014

un-popular math geeks vs popular math


Every action comes with some degree of good or bad possible outcomes. Even a three-year-old child stealing cookies from the pantry is aware of consequence. It is for that reason which I find it difficult to believe a grown man expressing shock at his actions having consequences. You'd especially think somebody with so many advisors and a minion of cronies might have been told or at least advised of this possible outcome. But then, I suppose one can be surprised by a negative outcome after being surrounded by yes-men for long periods of time. Maybe I'm so adapted to hearing 'no' or 'that is impossible' or 'you are fucking crazy' that I am more inclined to expect failure, even despite the many times I have managed to pull off something impossible. (wink)

No. I'm not fooled by the charade and I am aware that it is meant to sound the alarms in a populous that's too deep into it's own bankruptcy trial (both financially and morally) to do the simple math that: the F-35's cannot be afforded and are so bad that I doubt they'd even make it to their intended location in one piece... So it will work exactly as intended. (Sigh)

Yes, the world is backwards when we expect terrorist attacks as retribution from a country that routinely states it wishes to be left alone and not from a place that used to be the demon of the cold war. -or- When spending more on an identical product is good because it drives profits into the hands of those who don't share and somehow this raises or consumer index even if that rise was simply the price of fuel being handed down to those consumers who did not make more currency on the initial profit taking done by the oil industry... Somebody, somewhere must have managed to divide by zero to come up with these statements as I fail to see any other equation which fits... Speaking of doing math, maybe I have misread this, but it would appear that the police force is growing at an alarming rate when "the number of Mounties facing formal discipline has reached a 13-year high" yet "although the total number of members facing formal discipline is on the rise, the overall proportion relative to the size of force is declining"... OK, so there was no actual math involved, but it is the only explanation for a 'growing subset' to be 'shrinking proportionally' to it's parent set, oops, sorry, I lied about there not being math involved.

Hypocrites and bastards all seem to agree with each others assessment, but then, I suppose admitting to being on the wrong side of the truth might cause a serious case of financial ruin while the currency controlling clique straight-jackets them for being a loony conspiracy theorist. These threats tend to scare people who believe they, can take it with them when they die, into submission for some reason. I suppose the inverse is also true: no currency is exchanged for my opinion and thus I had little to lose in expressing it outside of the possibility of alienating myself... Oh, wait... Too late, I'm already fairly alien to most people as I dare to think that I was never in the imaginary thinking box to begin with. I mean, I did rationalize this very article over 25 years ago, while I was still in high school, so I was rather unpopular, even then. (wink)

I was watching that television docu-drama series called 'local news' last night which was unfolding the drama of some dead Israelis, when, they claim there is concern in the non-Jewish population as well... Immediately they cut to an interview with some woman named something-or-other-'stein' captioned "son is in Israel" IN A SYNAGOGUE NO LESS. I laughed out loud and said 'if this is their non-Jewish community they are not trying hard enough!' My girlfriend caught it too, much to my delight, maybe my influence has finally been wearing off on her. Of course this morning I can find this same woman being introduced as someone who's son is in Isreal rather than the initial "even the non-Jewish community"... It is not the same clip at all given that the clip I saw mentioned the 1 dead Palestinian teen.


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  1. Not simple math. Game Theory, at least what they call it these days. Maybe the Peter Principle. Or just men are gods, and vice versa. Work until you drop. And not stay dead enough to retire.

    C Squared. And no one wonders why that whispers backwards histories into whatever you call this.

    Pretty much dust and wind, not a question of speed, but identity, these days. The wind does not hate the dust, just working until dropping. Not political, or economical. Just natural, dustdevils, and such.

    Hard to watch. Harder to ignore. Beauty, do not miss it.