Friday, 27 June 2014

The Grandmaster Expert Guru Ninja... AKA error 404: person not found

I know there are a number of things I tend not to mention here. Sometimes these are simply things I've not made any formal decision on due to either side of the equation appearing to have some flaw or incomplete data set while also having logical sidebar explanations. Contrails are one such example in that they tend to hang around much longer on days where atmospheric conditions support the natural formation of clouds... This is not to say I haven't read some pretty compelling arguments in support of Chemtrails, but that those often leave me with certain unanswered questions as does the contrail question of 'why, on a day when MOST jets are leaving contrails behind them, are there still a few which do not?'. Neither side can sufficiently debunk the other, and this region does not have many days with overwhelming numbers of 'plane trails', so I leave that in my undecided bin. Not that I trust science given its recent foray into climatology where normal is the new bad and the sky is falling because they have some alarmingly incomplete data.

Maybe it's possible that I do not decide on these matters because I know full well that despite my apparent anonymity that I am in no way anonymous, nor under the protection of being unknowable or untraceable and am to some degree self-censoring. This question is multiplied exponentially when taking into account that I've made a living from this digital age of computer insecurity where information is secured by imaginary locks with visible keyholes. Yes I understand this statement is a paradox akin to living on a diet of only donut holes, or pissing in the corner of a perfectly round room, but where there is a will, there is always a way.

In the end it really only comes down to myself believing what I say to be as true as was possible given my lack of access to any real truth since I formulate everything based on my perception of things I get from whichever sources were available at whatever time I sought them out. I would rather admit being undecided, or simply answer with a confident "I don't know" because sometimes that's the only honest answer.

So I end up with the things that are so unbelievable that they MUST be true, things so ridiculous that I wish they weren't true, things which are slowly admitted to be true (despite everyone's best efforts to convince people that it's not really true), and that pile of 'pending further evidence' which I try not to discuss. I know I could revisit that pile and make bets on their outcome, but gambling tends to require a certain amount of excess cash one could afford to lose, which is not one of those commodities that falls into my lap often, or maybe I meant ever. *disclaimer: many of the links in this paragraph are actually in the 'wait and see' pile of undecided, but not all*

One thing which rarely fails to be true is the rule of thumb that: if it's parroted by the media it likely contains little to no truth, and was based on the speculation of somebody bearing the name 'expert', who, by next week will have a name change to 'scapegoat'. Everybody knows that an expert has nowhere else to go but down which is why I have never narrowed my focus away from the concept of general practitioner or jack-of-all-trades. That's possibly the other reason for my cash-flow being about level with the cost of breathing, I do not apply to ask the odd job titles (IT Guru, Networking Ninja, DBA Expert, Codemonkey, Grandmaster Sysadmin, System Building Enthusiast (note: enthusiasts spend tons their own money on 'stuff' because they like doing something), or any mix and match combination of these) which I've been seeing evermore frequently... Who the hell came up with these retarded and formerly childish (though, now, "new normal") job titles anyway? (Rhetorical question) The answer is simple: somebody who wants an IT person for a fraction of the regularly expected salary, as nobody can cross compare an invented job title for 'market averages' for use in salary negotiations...

Another rule of thumb which applies itself almost universally is anything the government guarantees: gives the bankers more of our money somehow, costs way more than it was supposed to, was delayed by no less than double it's expected completion date, and completely failed at it's intended purpose, and the think-tank that came up with it will be used again next time. It isn't that I don't think the economy and 'youth' are in dire straights, but that I fail to see how the rest of us non-youth can foot the bill on this while we're barely making ends meet. Outlaw usury and cancel all compound interest debts and suddenly the economy might begin to move again, simple, inexpensive, and the legal system can sort out the mess of the "too rich to jail" rats that come out of the woodwork wondering why their graph of infinite exponential growth stopped filling the swimming pool with the sweat of our labours...

Ah, but instead, most blame Obama, or bicker over lost IRS emails, or a Squirrel!! -or- whatever other distraction of the day was available... Remember in this "Global Economy" that everything is connected and while these 'small' details might get our attention, there is still a "Global Economy" which traces most things back to the same source: the pit from whence money came... And in closing, WTF?


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