Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Polished presidential knobs and the hunt for the real killer

I've begun to realize that I have crossed the threshold, the point of no return, and have moved into the outer layer of tolerance. My opinions are starting to scare off friends whom I've shared common ground with for years. Friends with whom I have shared this quest to rout out corruption wherever it may be found. Somewhere behind me, lies the jump into the deep end, but I don't remember jumping.

I'm not going to allow this realization to alter my course because, honestly, I feel unwrong in my direction. I doubt I'll even tread lightly regardless of the company I keep. In fact, I feel stronger in my resolve for it. Not that I feel I must shock, simply for the sake of being shocking. But mostly, that, FUCK CENSORING MY THOUGHTS!!!

Zionism is not Judaism, Zionists are not even required to be Jewish as we can clearly see from all the Christians holding political office who back Israel in a no questions asked manner. In fact, Zionism does not even bear it's original meaning anymore, since, the original meaning was 'a movement to create a Jewish state in Palistine'. Well, that 'movement' would appear to be over because there appears to be a Jewish state where Palistine used to live. No, now I would imply Zionism to mean 'for the benefit of Israel at the detriment to any and all else, because anyone else is obviously a lower life form'... At least that's how their texts appear to have been written.

Oddly enough, this aligns almost perfectly to that 99% Occupy movement except that it's an even worse ratio. According to stats I've pulled from Wikipedia the ratio of Jewish people compared to the rest of the population of the world (in 2010) was .19% of the population. Now, when you consider that Zionists are a subset of that group, because not all Jews are Zionists, and some are simply as brainwashed as the rest of the world, then add those Christians in positions of power who think it's antisemitic to even question Israels motives on things like 'preventing Iran from fabricating Weapons of Mass Destruction, because Israel says they intend to make them', despite that they've been playing that broken record for years, and they were so obviously mistaken about Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction... So we are likely looking at a much smaller number of people... Like maybe 5% of the Jewish population and half as many non-Jews and we're talking about 0.014250% of the population. So really, we are the 99.98575%.

But, I've had to make these numbers up since there is really no record keeping when it comes to such a demographic. Even if I've botched these numbers I doubt the number could be even as high as 5 hundredths of a percent (0.05%). Yet, that is the percentage of the population that is controlling the majority of the rest of the population via legislature, politics, media manipulation, and political correctness. I don't hate Jews for being Jewish, even if there have been some Jews that rubbed me the wrong way... I am sensitive to certain things and, in fact, I cannot think of any race or religion including my own, from which nobody has ever rubbed me the wrong way. It is safe to say, that each demographic contains it's own idiots and jackasses which are an embarrassment to the rest of the group.

So how did such a small group rise to the top levels of politics, finance, law, policy, and media? Well, very slowly, and very quietly. It began with finance, because:
"Give me control of a nations money supply, and I care not who makes it’s laws"
-- Amshel Rothchilds
Once the money supply is out of the hands of the government, the rest becomes very easy, and you have all the money you will ever need to take over any other area of interest. This infinitely available money supply can now be used to buy and sell politicians, judges, lobbyists, media enterprises, banks, schools, weapons manufacturers, friends, and even enemies.

Once the media is under control, it can ignore any actions it chooses to, and repaint history in whatever light is desired, once the schools are under control people can be trained against certain lines of questioning, or even asking questions at all, as well as manipulating history. And politics, law, and everything else simply falls into place either via direct payment, or through blackmail... Because there's nothing that the media eats up more than a hot political scandal.

Think about it. Now think about it some more. How many people really care that Bill Clinton was getting his knob polished by an intern who was not his wife? But that had more airtime and investigative dollars thrown at it than the 9-11 investigation, or as I like to think of it, 'the search for the real killers'. Yet the collapsing twin towers are played to death to manipulate our emotions. Well, obviously, somebody decided that it was Clinton's time to say adieu, whatever the reasoning (and there was probably a good one that had nothing to do with the presidential penis), especially when you consider the popularity of JFK despite all the claims he was a womanizer, which was in a time most consider to be more prudish, and religiously influenced than the 90's. Of course, it wasn't more prudish than the PMRC protect the children anti-smut campaigns of Tipper Gore, Gerry Falwell, and other 'Religious Right' Nazis that were happening in the 80's and 90's. Just ask Jello what a witch hunt feels like, he was burned at the stake and survived the ordeal.

So simple to turn the tides when you can brainwash the populous about what's important to them, because so many have already been pre-programmed to get all their opinions based on some televised debate where we are presented with somebody who will win, and somebody who will sound like a nutbag. In fact, a good way to depict this, is if Baskin Robins had 16 chocolates and 15 vanillas that made up your 31 flavour choices, when they are really only presenting you with 2 choices, and then they inform you that some of the Vanilla has rat turds in it, so you immediately order chocolate without a second thought. This is how your mind is made up for you by watching television, 2 choices: smart guy or nutbag, even if there are 29 alternative scenarios which are all better than both the smart guy and the nutbag.

Sure corporate cronyism and fascism are rampant, and need to be stopped. However, the greatest part of the problem is that Governments and Legislatures are compromised and corrupted, and the corporations are exploiting that system. It still points back to what Zionists are allowing because they own the financial, judicial, and administrative arms of power. Technically, if corporations are leveraged with the banks then they own those too, or at least they will once they implode the so-called 'free-market' economy.

Some like to point to the Illuminati or other magical mystery group, and while I agree that the pentagram in Washington is incomprehensible, and outright strange, I still feel doubts in some secret society of satanists that has gone largely unnoticed for centuries... Maybe it just sounds so unreasonable and outlandishly far-fetched that I cannot accept it. I haven't completely written off the idea yet, but it sounds much more reasonable that it's being orchestrated by corrupt humans without empathy, than people who've sold their soul. Maybe they are, in fact, the same group under a different name, and maybe they are all Masons too. There has to be some means by which they can identify themselves to each other. At least until the in-fighting starts...

Call them whatever resonates best in your mind; Masons, Illuminati, Zionists, Satanists. For me these are one and the same, maybe they are subsets of a parent group for which the name cannot be spelled using our alphabet (otherwise somebody might have written about said parent group by now), in much the same way as corporations like to have umbrella corporations and stub companies which are difficult to trace back to them, and so the Masons, Illuminati, Zionists, and Satanists all appear to be collaborating on the same agenda, but they themselves are not aware of what the other group does to forward their own goals. But sooner or later, one groups will try to take credit for the doings of another group, at which point it might be best if the rest of us just sit back and fetch some popcorn.


A Pentagram in Washington? Why?

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