Thursday, 1 November 2012

See no eviler, hear no eviler.

So this Quebec Corruption inquiry has been finding uglies under every rock it decides it will look under, I doubt it will end there and they will eventually have to add federal politics to their scope of investigation.
So far, we have mayors in Laval and Montreal as well as others below the ranks in the city level right up to election fund-raising. The province isn't faring much better. Of course as with all sinking ships, the rats tend to flee before things get really bad.

As per my normal stance, I am not very surprised by any of it. In fact, there are many I've lost touch with over the years, to whom I now owe very large 'I told you so's to. I'm not really petty enough to actually go looking for these people, nor do I have the time or energy to spare on such things in the name of vindication.

My next problem with all of this will be that I doubt any of these people will end up serving any 'hard time' for misusing the public trust, and public funds, then repeatedly crying how there is no money for this or that, while we pay some of the highest taxes on this side of the Atlantic.

Construction is so rampant that we jokingly claim to have 4 seasons in this city: Construction  Construction Holiday, Construction, and Winter, yet bridges, overpasses, and even intersections built on 'tera-firma' (latin for: the illusion that something isn't made of water, or overcooked spaghetti noodles) which  are collapsing. There's no money for healthcare but we have tons of money to build super-hospital(s) (yes, more than one), which will no doubt cost 10 times more than 'advertised' and take twice as long (they're looking into SNC Lavalin too).

My retirement has already been postponed once, and it will certainly be cancelled altogether before it ever happens. So really, it's not solely about corruption, it's about failing to look past the end of their noses farther than is needed to kick the can just a little further down the road. But that's OK, public servants get full pensions @ exorbitantly high payout rates owing to them all being paid too much  to do too little. The equation is actually quite simple: Government=Corruption... It is the calculations to obtain 'to which degree' or 'with which slant', which is much more complex, though far less relevant. What matters, as that it will simply be there waiting to be found under every rock, so long as we are willing to look under every rock.

The system has been off the rails long enough that it should be blatantly obvious to most people, and not just in this city, this province, this country, or this continent. I have never approved of it, though I suppose I have aided and abetted it through a sometimes faltering vigilance, an occasional failing in my observance, and most of all my fatigue at swimming against the current for so long that my brain takes the occasional vacation. That leads to the irregular intervals at which I post to this blog, or, for that matter, see anything noteworthy to write about. Maybe the years have made me jaded to 'the lesser of two evils', or maybe I simplify it all by not even attempting to measure more Vs. less when the whole looks both evil and infectious... Because doesn't 'lesser' become a very moot point when all roads lead to the exact same hell?


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