Sunday, 11 November 2012

01110011 01101111 01110011 (S.O.S.)

I must say, first of all, I am extremely surprised by the fact that the security of elections in the U.S. relies on the security of Microsoft Access (MDB files), which, even when password protected, are easily cracked. sure Access great for many things, I even use it myself, but I would never propose to count votes of hundreds of millions of voters using it. That was the absolute first thing that struck me while watching this video. Of course they found ways past every other check and balance by directly manipulating the memory cards prior to actually voting using a simple +5 -5, which means adding zeros could easily negate an entire election.

Obviously this was done carelessly otherwise no voting machine would ever have reported negative votes. Meaning whomever had manipulated those cards overestimated, either voter turnout or the number of people voting for a specific candidate.

It's hilarious that Diebold would leave all it's source code on an open FTP server, because it indicates just how security conscious this company really is.

I heard Canada is thinking of using machines or e-voting soon too. I think that is the perfect time to not show up, if they actually do this.


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