Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Malfeasance and nepotism for all

Corrupt engineer and his boss on stand at Charbonneau Commission: Admitted bribe-taker Luc Leclerc is testifying again at the Charbonneau Commission into corruption in Quebec's construction industry. He was followed by Leclerc's boss, Gilles Vezina.
Another lawyer resigns from Charbonneau Commission: Another lawyer is leaving the Charbonneau Commission.
Ex-Montreal engineer offers grudging apology for bribe-taking
Former city engineer Luc Leclerc told Quebec's corruption inquiry he saw no point in apologizing to an unforgiving public for accepting gifts and kickbacks, but wrapped up his testimony with "I'm sorry." 
Old report shows Montreal warned about inflated costs years ago
The City of Montreal has released a report that suggests the municipality knew years ago that it was significantly overpaying for construction projects, perhaps by more than 30 per cent. 
Tales of escorts, fancy dinners at corruption inqury: The latest testimony at the Charbonneau Commission is that construction firms routinely took a senior manager within Montreal City Hall's engineering department out to dinner, and that on occasion entrepreneurs would offer him escorts.
Suspended city supervisor denies all knowledge of contract collusion
A suspended public works supervisor said he only learned of a lucrative scheme of collusion and kickbacks involving his subordinates and construction entrepreneurs when he heard their testimony on television.
I still think it's too bad that this inquiry will not be looking into Federal politics, because I am pretty sure that the corruption exists everywhere.


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