Saturday, 5 May 2012

Divide and be conquered

I am fairly certain that we are all feeling a mounting pressure regardless of what part of the planet we live in. The struggles of day to day life, whether impoverished and starving in Africa, being bombed and falsely demonized in the middle-east, slowly decaying from radiation poisoning in Asia, or even, watching hopelessly while the western world collapses around us to realize the dream was a lie from the start. What we are witnessing, each from our own perspective, is the rape and plundering of this planet by pure unadulterated greed tempered with a complete lack of compassion or honesty. I stand firm in my belief that every person with even an ounce of decency or empathy was promised a brighter and more promising future than the dung heap we’ve been handed. Only the few who were instrumental in guiding canoe up shit’s creek can still smell roses.

Yet, we stand divided by petty differences as opined by the talking heads who began to program us so long ago. Religion, background, race, language, sex, age, and any other difference which makes you not like me, and makes we hate us, have kept us too busy to observe the subtle changes in the aura of the world. It is not the temperate climate of an exacerbated Gaia which plots to kill us, but rather a much more visible, and far less spiritual foe: Greed.

Let us stand together for a moment and forget to hate one another long enough to observe our true surroundings, and then, maybe, we can find the commonality between ourselves and share in the brotherhood of mankind; united against the greed and deceit that wants us all dead or, at the bare minimum, forever enslaved.

The landscape is littered with slave traders (corporations), soul stealers (banks), liars (media & politicians), tongue tiers (copyright laws), silent killers (GMO crops), mass murderers (the nuclear energy industry), drug pushers (Big Pharma), false needs (advertising),  false Gods (the scientific review board), false prophets (religions), false flags (JFK, RFK, 9/11, etc), holier than thou elitists (Zionists), bullies (police & military), and evil incarnate (money). Unfortunately, it is not so cut and dry as life was never meant to be simple, as, for within each of these groups, are contained a percentage of real and honest people who are just as upset and confused as we are, but might not yet understand why, or who might not be able to voice their anger for fear of stigmatization and persecution from their peers. Our first steps together must be to gather others of conscience, be they neighbours or relatives, friends or colleagues, and even rescue those we can from these very same groups I have mentioned, except for money which is an object and possibly Zionists as there might not be any conscience left there…

As our numbers grow and theirs dwindle their plans will become harder to implement. Their control systems can only work if we believe they can. It is all of us who power their machination. It is all of us who abide by their rules. It is all of us who crave their poison. It is all of us who employ their violence. It is all of us who breed their hatred. And it is all of us who use their money. We’ve allowed them to compartmentalize and categorize us effectively marginalizing or neutralizing the threat we pose to their dreams and ambitions and it’s worked for them thus far.

We selfishly have failed to see the whole struggle for the smaller issues and missed the importance of staying together as a family. In limiting the protest to singular topics which affect only some people the rest have failed to realize that every protest was engineered to draw some away from the pack for an easier slaughter. Every issue should be everybody's problem, because then one by one, all the problems could be solved. Austerity, grand theft, and erosion of our rights, liberties, and freedom need to be seen as the same problems created by the same devils who are the same enemies we are all faced with in this struggle. It is not singular issues but an intertwining web of problems which all somehow meet in the center and can only truly be addressed once the rest of the web has been dismantled.
I am fairly sure it all ties together in much the same way as clicking every search result for 'internet privacy news' with all add blocking turned off for an hour does. It must be unraveled to be truly understood and diminished.
Only by trusting that fixing someone else's grief means freeing them up to help fix our own can we bring down this prison of false hopes, phoney dreams, artificial scarcity, superficial choice, programmed bigotry, and invisible slavery.

I don’t know if there is a light at the end of the tunnel or not, but I choose to find out, before I am told I cannot.


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