Tuesday, 15 May 2012

There is no spoon, so the spoon cannot be dirty.

According to Canada's finance minister there are no bad jobs, only lazy people. I find the very thought of this to be laughable when it comes from someone sucking the taxpayer tit for far more money than he is likely worth. It would appear that the political elite have become so far disconnected from the rest of society that there may not be any salvation even after the best available deprogramming centers have had a crack at it. 

First off, there are droves of people who went to university and have expensive student loans to reimburse, the hope was that these people would get a job as some well-paid professional after graduation, but sadly, there are many such people working somewhere that requires the line 'do you want fries with that?'. Obviously, having a law degree, or a masters in chemistry, or better yet, anything that allows one to prefix their name with "Dr." got them a leg up on that minimum wage burger flipping during the interview process. Yes, they did beat out the homeless guy wearing his underwear outside his pants, but only because of the five years of living on loans. While those of us who dropped out, worked those 5 years and are now their hiring manager at the fast food restaurant...

~~ isn't that shitty? ~~

Second off, thanks to 'job security' I have had at least 12 jobs in the last 20 years (more if I count the three jobs I was let go from after a week for being over-qualified), and seemingly loose ground every single time I am forced back into the 'job market'. I make 20K less per year now, than I did 12 years ago, and I enjoy the work less than ever before. I try to think that I have found my 'career' in IT, but even that has begun to dwindle as the market gets sucked into the cloud™, or other outsourced services that are not hiring in this locale, or even country for that matter. The next time I am 'downsized' I will probably have to bag groceries and play guitar in the subway to make up the difference.

~~ isn't that shitty? ~~

Third off, managers are getting worse in terms of being slave drivers. Sure, I've had inept managers before, and I have even had complete liars as managers before, but this present one is just mean and spiteful. Micro-management is his tool, and the insults fly when 'exactly what he said' does not work, or when 'improvising what he said, into something that works' then obviously you are too stupid to follow simple instructions. This manager also has no back-bone so when some 'special project' comes along I get volunteered for weeks at a time, only to be asked why I have not done whatever he asked me to do 5 minutes before telling me I was going to work in a different department. Strangely, I get in shit for 'not asking how high, when I am told to jump' and 'not properly managing my time, despite that I am told when to jump'.

~~ isn't that shitty? ~~

Forth off, Call centers... Ever worked in one of those places that's a 24/7 customer support center? These are not some new thing, yet nobody can seem to figure out that hiring somebody for a specific shift works way better than randomly shuffling that calendar or, worse still, forgetting that Sunday immediately follows Saturday, and no I will not come in @ 07:00 on Sunday when I left work @ 05:00 (which was when Saturdays shift ended, like two hours ago). But then it gets topped off with the fact that 'your stats' are not actually about helping anybody and are best achieved by spending 8 hours hanging up the phone... Thankfully I was not trying to sell anything, because I'll bet that's even worse.

~~ isn't that shitty? ~~

I have decided that the worst job I have ever had was being a Canadian tax payer because it does not appear to have any of the perks attributed to being Mr. Flaherty's boss, yet all of the budgetary constraints.

~~ isn't that shitty? ~~

I really have done a lot of different things to try to earn a living: hefting boxes, loading and unloading trucks, landscaping, farm work, construction / renovation, call centers, logistics, IT and web design, music / gigging, janitorial, inventory control, and even day care monitoring, and I can say that there is shitty in every job out there. The problem is that there are no good jobs to be had. I have been looking continuously for work these past 6 years even though I have a job, there is nothing unless I am willing to take yet another pay cut.

So obviously, our politicians do not live in the same world we do, and telling us to shut up and eat our soylent green, and enjoy it, is not helping the situation. The fascists are simply mocking us now while we pay their under-worked overpaid useless as tits on a bull carcasses to laugh right in our faces.

But that's OK. Roger Waters already had the solution back in 1982 when Pink Floyd released 'the final cut': "The Fletcher Memorial home for incurable tyrants and kings". Where "they can appear to themselves, everyday, on closed circuit T.V., to make sure their still real".

~~ suddenly I feel less shitty ~~


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