Saturday, 28 February 2015

Suing Slithering Sellouts

This is a long read and is kind of a big deal... Not that you'll read about it in the papers or see it on the news. No, the news continues merrily along in the land of make believe, even if they are merely suggesting that Canada's top 3% are prospering which is 200% better than only the top 1% which only really means we have 2x more people stealing from the poor than most other places. I mean, sure they make up pretty sounding numbers, like this group earned 2.4% more than they did 4 years ago, but if the inflation rate over that 4 year period was 1.2% average per year then money devalued 4.8% meaning they can buy 2.4% less than they could 4 years earlier. and stating that 3.6% more people earned $39900 or more is still less than the -4.8% value of the dollar. They then skew things even further with "the three middle brackets representing 60 per cent of Canadian families took a 1.8 per cent larger share of net worth in 2012 than in 2005." yet a longer time period in which money became more useless... They at least do not pretty it up for the poor, nope, they are pretty sure the poor are fucked because "The bottom quintile remained stagnant"...

Statistics is the art of finding the best dataset that can illustrate whatever lie you are selling... For example, 100% of all income brackets earn more than they did 75 years ago and all income brackets are pegged from a higher start point than they were then as well, except the poor which starts at 0... The trouble is that 75 years ago, the $700 per month required to pay rent would have bought a car or 10~25% of a house and without knowing the value of a dollar from then, the numbers become utterly useless... The fact that $10 in 1940 bought $240 worth of 2015 groceries and that $10 was a days pay while $240 is more like 2.5 days pay for lower income earners is far more important than how many there might be in each group... Granted, I made up these numbers straight off the top of my head and they are quite likely inaccurate, but I do know that I used to spend $100~150 on groceries every 2 weeks 20 years ago and now spend $200 or more per week, and, worse still, the quality of the food in my basket has gone way down...

I'm sure you can feel that sticker shock at the register, we all can, that's not even up for debate anymore. What is up for debate is why people seem to think the pencil pushers who are owned by the bankers who brought us here are left to fix it? Sure I still go to the voting booth on election day, but it's only so I can spoil a ballot, lest they take that so-called freedom away from me too.

Maybe I'm in the epicentre of the revolt with this lawsuit against the government and minister of financed sellouts, and maybe I'm in the epicentre of the next major nuclear disaster as the other nineteen G20 nations accidentally push the big red button... Either way I'm ready to face the music, I've already stared down my demons and none of them came anywhere near the level of evil that's rooted itself at the very core of our apparent society.


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