Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Engineered Anarchy in the Devil's Playground

Many have come to realise that this part of the world no longer manufactures anything tangible, and to those sceptics I present our manufactured ruin. It may not be much, but we sure know how to turn something into nothing. We've become so good at the manufacturing process that we export our skill and know-how all over the world. To call it "the American way" is a falsehood geared towards reengaging a populous generally perceived to have an exorbitantly high sense of national pride.

I used to take pride in my nation... Though I can no longer remember why. It's probably better that way as it likely prevents a relapse in a period of time when there is simply not enough time left to enter rehab and make a full recovery... It took years to flush my system of such easily manipulated externally inflicted emotions, in fact, it took almost as many years to rid myself of such notions as were spent putting them there to begin with.

I know it's not easy to fight an enemy you cannot see, nor smell, nor touch which is precisely why these things were done in the manner in which they were done. We live in the devil's playground where all avenues point in the same direction. In defiance of logic or reason and with nary a twist or bend in the road you end up back at the intersection of 'how did I get here?' and 'get me the fuck out of here' which is exactly where you just left.

Speaking of climate change, which we were not, I'm wondering when that warming thing was supposed to happen? I mean, we aren't even getting seasonal warming over here as it's eleventy billion below zero a week into March. If I need to eat more beans to add to the methane content of the atmosphere I'll gladly do it without reservation. Obviously this voodoo science is wrong just as the meteorologists are; they are now in a constant state of predicting it will warm up next week... Eventually they may even be correct (the meteorologists, that is), but in the interim I'll continue wearing 2 pairs of gloves.

I had a really confusing conversation with a client at work pertaining to big-pharma, the end of which I gave up on despite that this person's argument seemed somehow in support of what they originally were adamantly against... I suppose it simply wasn't worth the effort to have them back-trace what they'd said... If this is people waking up, they are only half flushing the dreamworld... Fact is, I'm not really sure how the topic got to there in the first place given that I work in a retail computer boutique. I know how to keep the charade masquerading while the cameras are rolling lest there be a trail of formerly aggravating clientele turned stinking rotting carcass all the way to the dumpster out back. I'm not sure if it's better that people are using such buzzwords incorrectly, or if total ignorance would be better... I suppose time will tell, but, with so many shills who knows if it ever gets better?

It seems people are attempting to wake, yet are in a bed surrounded by bear traps convincingly camouflaged to all but the most astute people, who aren't the type to seek out that particular venom unless it's to strip the ounce of truth out of ten tons of lies as an exercise of mental acuity... Or to point and laugh at the sheer lunacy of lies themselves. Lies only work while everybody has their story straight and can remember what the official lie of the hour was. Seems there aren't many who can keep the official lies from mutating which is what's fueling the desire to seek information elsewhere, hence the aforementioned bear traps which spew unofficial lies on their behalf; engineered anarchy, ordered chaos, organised disarray... Lullabies for the recently awakened who may no longer wish to sleep, but are not truly ready to face the consequences of actually having to think for themselves.


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