Friday, 20 February 2015

In Comes The Flood

Say what you will about the latest Machine Head album, I agree it's not their strongest effort in recent years, but it has given me a new theme song given that I couldn't have said it better myself.

Well, it's closet cleaning time again as I try to post up all the links I've been collecting for a month... For example, wouldn't labeling all food that contains DNA mean labeling everything but that fake wax cheeze-phoud™ and sopht-drinque™ [hooked on fōnix worked for me®] product shit we probably shouldn't be in the same room with let alone ingest? It's been a while since I was in biology classes, so it's possible I've mixed things up...

The people who create job statistics still have jobs, I'm not certain who else does... ANYWHERE! Or, conversely, maybe their days are also numbered, it's tough to decipher at this point, but it certainly won't be helped by a finance minister who doesn't know how to pay a hotel bill... There are probably courses teaching how money works out there somewhere, not that they teach how money actually works in any classroom.

I know my rantings go largely ignored, but hell, we live in a society where everyone ignores everything, so I don't ask for special treatment really. Eventually I will get special treatment, likely with rubber gloves and will not have asked for that either... Sure it will all be in the interest of keeping me safe from, um, me, and that will likely be just fine with everyone else until the glove turns on them too. It will most assuredly turn because the glove will be warn by people of a thousand deviances or whomever else they may grant access should they happen to be too busy for you at the given moment.

Sure, you can try telling me that I'm seeing some pattern where none exists. My argument to that is how can you not see a conclusive pattern? You can't use the adage we see what we want to see, but I'd really rather see something kinder and gentler than what's actually under the facade. I have my vision of a better world and am fairly certain it's not to late to get there.

I think I'd like to sign off this post with a hey'y'all to all those people who actually know me, and might still read this blog, I know I said I'd keep in touch, but time isn't kind, and I feel I've got a bigger purpose in things than to be sending off personalised hey y'alls... I'd apologise, but that's not like me at all.


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  1. Yup the phrase "go along to get along" fits with them until it no longer fits with them and then you fit into what others were fitted into.
    I whole thing is a sham and through it all we really just need to know that nothing actually really matters in the end. We live and we die and that's it. That's all of it really. Believing in anything else is deluding yourself or trying to elevate yourself above the rest of the whole planet and that can't be true. Really don't make any sense at all to me why most people don't get on their knees and pray to a kitchen chair for all the good it would do. The majority of this planet is utterly insane