Thursday, 5 February 2015

Lies From The Tablecloth

It's true that I have absolutely no idea what nor when my ultimate purpose shall be self-evident. That's never really been a focus or concern of mine. Will I fall victim to wrong-place/wrong-time-itis? Will I martyr to a cause understood by no one in my inner sanctum? Will I know when to duck, cover, and survive on the meat of harpooned rats until it's safe to return to a society in a chaotic state of complete renovation? None of these outcomes matter in the framework of the here and now, none of my prior failures or shortcomings dim the path ahead, even though there isn't really a path at all given that so few appear to be where I am.

Not seeing my own future does not mean I don't see any future at all, as I am still able to observe what awaits down the road and around the bend. True this is not a "psychic" ability, but rather a skill of reading the unwritten trends, and calculating the odds based on history... Whether that history was meant to be remembered, or swept under the tablecloth with a perfect replica of a rose in a replica crystal plastic vase placed over the the inevitable lump also makes little difference in my opining. For example, I saw this coming back when this merger and a new corporate head office would be great for the Canadian economy (facepalm), but there was no magic eight-ball involved. If politicians and economists were honest people rather than the retched comoditized soulless cowards that they are, they too, could have crunched the numbers and come up short-changed. Chances are, no numbers were harmed during the course of their original forecast and that crunching we heard was someone eating celery in a sound room.

I find myself wondering all too often, why do so few see the world as it truly exists? Sure, people corral themselves into some kennel of a 'cause' while failing to realize that a single cause was it's own narrow gorge of rock and hard place easily turned prison. Boycotting brands doesn't work, boycotting currency can't work for long while the whole chain of survival requires currency at every avenue. Even jumping off the consumerist treadmill (or being forcibly removed as the trend has been going) simply puts more things of tangible value into the possession of banks and corporations as the 'wheel of foreclosure' lands on the exponentially growing number of 'bankruptcy' spaces; Vanna, show them what they might have owned were the game not rigged.

Things lost their appeal more and more at each juncture where I've lost whatever I owned at the time... It's happened a few times now and I've spent no effort attempting to replace the things I used to own this time around. There is no value in this s stuff that I can't take with me into the next plane of existence. You can be assured that the emotional attachment people seem to have with their inanimate stuff was falsely implanted there by the marketing department of a company that overproduced something not realizing nobody would even want it, let alone, pay to own it.

The heralded information age we entered with the birth of the internet was stunted at birth by vulture capitalists and their dot-bomb, then hobbled at every step in copywrite takedowns and intellectual property lawsuits ever since. It is probably easier to write a book containing everything that is still legal to do without a permit than to do the inverse. Maybe I am a rebel without A cause, but, then I've already stated that pulling on a single thread in the interconnected control web simply ensnares you in an easy to find locale... No, I am more the hit the web with a lighter and hairspray type... It's really the only option remaining when one can no longer see the system through the corrosion (or corruption as it were). It's already teetering over and you can feel it of you sit still enough. I know I've been saying this for years, and, honestly, I am rather surprised at just how long they were able to stabilize things by borrowing from a future which could not exist then, and has less chance of existing now. That future where we can pay back what they borrowed and then some is no longer even a plausible movie plot, even from Hollywood.

Its the death cycle. The government borrows from banks to offer incentives to insolvent corporations because even the banks won't loan to them, and it's done in the name of job creation in the hopes that those jobs created will generate the "more" tax revenue they need to pay the loans plus interest... Then the insolvent company does what insolvent companies do: shed jobs, fail to reinvent themselves, then move to the next country throwing around borrowed money, or, close permanently. While corporations still holding a positive balance sheet are likely sitting on a gold mine of intellectual property and patents they use to flog others with or they simply buy up their competition until they too become part of the insolvent group... It isn't that humanity has run out of imagination and has simply stopped trying to invent the next earth moving technology, but that patent trolls are trolling and have engaged the law firm of Dewey, Falkham, and Howe.

It's all orchestrated at the central bank level and in secret meetings of think-tanks and other shadowy groups whose members contain disproportionate numbers of high ranking political figures of past, present, and future, and everything is tied to everything else. It's allowed to happen despite any conflict of interest because the law is their law not ours.

But greed is as greed does, and greed wants more even when there's none left... And I'd have to say it doesn't look like the is much left right now, so the point where evil destroys itself cannot be much farther now... It's almost easier to leave them to fight over the scraps left on each others plates now, than it is to try and get involved... In the meantime I'll continue to vote with my conscience, which means I won't be voting at all. Why play into a gamed system when it ultimately aims to make me responsible for someone else's actions?


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