Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Price of 'FREE' Things

So almost 2 months ago, I had my first visit to a doctor since nearly forever... I think my last doctor gave lollipops for good behavior... Well he prescribed some tests to be performed at a hospital like: blood, glucose, x-ray, and a piss sniffing. These tests cannot be scheduled and are on a first come first served basis for whatever stupid reason... So I show up, on a work day retardedly early and 'take a number': 31... Now serving 4... 2 hours later they call my number and I am sent into another room full of people. I am, due to transit times, already late for work meaning I've lost money, I woke up too early, thus have lost sleep. I've been fasting since yesterday, so I've lost stomach lining, and I've been holding a cup of my own piss since I pissed it 3 hours ago, so I've lost dignity. Best still, this line is not for radiology, for that I have to go somewhere else

A. Can we not schedule this?
B. Does this have to be done between 6am and noon on days when most of the world works?
C. Couldn't my doctor have drawn blood?
D. Does this 'free' service cost about 45% of all the taxes I've paid over my entire life?
E. Am I still waiting 3 hours later, hungry and afraid to go piss because I might miss my name being badly mispronounced?

So, the actuals of drawing blood and getting an x-ray took about 15 minutes. Thankfully I don't have to wait for results. I still wonder how paying all those taxes for all those years made all this worthwhile... I've used the healthcare system maybe 3 times in the last 25 years which I calculate to be a metric-fuck-ton of money for the occasional need to see a doctor... Which, I actually no longer need to go to a hospital for thanks to some good timing. Most people in this province aren't so lucky.

In the end, it appears I'm only missing an hour and a half of work, partially due to the bus schedule working in my favour, even if none of the buses arrived at their scheduled time.

In other news...

Apparently bill C-51 is still 'a thing', strangely, this blog started there almost 4 years ago... Funny that it's still called C51 considering these things tend to be renamed, like the TPP has been, or did they simply make a 2nd one for the Atlantic. Not that I find it surprising since politicians everywhere think we need to pay companies when we don't want them to steal every natural resource in order to sell it back to us, meaning now they don't even have to sell a damn thing to get the same money... It's a far better situation for companies than having to try and fail all on their own.

Heck, why bother pestering companies for failing, government agencies can't even figure out their own rules, but they will freely give up your info if they are asked nicely.

And on the endless war channel... ISIS, ISIS, ISIS, ISIS: friend... Faked proof of Russian involvement nobody is allowed to see, which was likely found unmolested at the epicenter of a 3 mile radius of a completely napalmed and strangely radioactive area nobody will live to find for the next billion years... But we'll have to wait and see about that one.

And, by the way FUCK CHARLIE!!!

I know my posts have become disjointed and jump topics to all over the place over recent months, and there is a good reason for that. You see, in a concerted effort to disprove the age-old adage that "time is money", my posts tend to form themselves over the span of days instead of hours as they used to... Sometimes they can even take weeks which even explains the age of some of these links. You see, when I started writing this one, Wednesday, I'd left the house at 5:45 am and returned home at 10:45 pm, it is now Thursday, and I'm likely still not going to hit the magic publish button today either... And for all that time I don't have, and the complete lack of rest or relaxation, I've barely earned enough to cover how much more expensive life is only 24 hours later than it was just a day ago. I'd do the math but really can't afford the time that takes while currency=debt in the unending cycle of borrowing what doesn't exist now to pay back more of what didn't exist back when we borrowed it last time... And last time was not even the first time we borrowed it... Just don't ask your economics teacher how that works because chances are he won't understand the question in much the same way as economists don't understand the universe, or, for that matter, mathematics... In fact, time is inverse money is a theory I proved a while ago when I opened a tax free high interest savings account and left $5000 there for 3 years... After the interest I'd not earned enough to buy the same quantity of what I should have bought 3 years earlier... This worked out just as I'd expected, but at that point the person I'd made the bet with couldn't afford the difference due to having been downsized... Even when you win, you lose...

-note: this posting took extra long thanks to the sudden death of my 2 and a half year old phone... Thanks Samsung. At the cost of a "free" phone, I've signed my life away for another two years...

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