Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The long unwinding road

Some days I think the frogs know the water is approaching the boiling point, unfortunately, they still don't seem to have much desire to jump out of the pot. I guess it's simply a case of 'the more things stay the same, the more things change.' even if neither really happened... Did they? Something changed, but I think it was in name only, unless the name is still "assclown", which means I am wrong...

I try not to be wrong in these matters, but am not mortified enough about being wrong that it really matters all that much. Besides, a wise man once said once you realize you were wrong you are no longer wrong. I might be paraphrasing, mind you, it's not out of fear of being labelled a terrorist or whatever they're calling plagiarists these days, but mostly because that is how I typed it and how it feels like it fits in with the other sentences surrounding it. Maybe I have simply gotten too lazy to copy and paste... No that doesn't sound like me.

The U.N. is asking for the moon (again), which should inevitably reveal that this international power is powerless, unless you are Palestinian, in which case you've already witnessed this reveal once or twice before.

Don't worry, things will all eventually go down two of one roads: this one, or the one you make by deciding not to take this one. It may not make a whole lot of sense right now, but once you find yourself trying to decide whether to make friends with the rock, or the hard place it will. Don't expect the solution on a silver platter, because those wealthy enough to own the silver platter will have already baked the solution with some soft-boiled eggheads manning the kitchen.

The only surprise for me is in how few notice the signs, and that fewer still even bother to read them, then the surprise quickly wanes because I remember that nobody knows how to read the signs anymore, because nobody reads anymore. Why should we read? Reading is for those who kant haz TeeVee, isn't it?

I'd tell you exactly how it's going to begin, except that it already began many years ago. It's not that you missed it, but rather that it somehow escaped the soundbite news/porn formatting of shock, awe, and sponsorship. So really, you had to be actively watching for it not to be said rather than actually listening to what was said. Anyone with anything real to say is kept in relative obscurity for the purposes of nobody hearing it being said. The real American dream is the rest of the worlds nightmare where the beatings will continue until morale improves, while the media circus persistently asks the stupidest questions in the effort of keeping us engaged in false arguments.

The fact that most are unable to perceive when things turned south stems from the fact that we were born into it and would not even recognize "freedom" if it were to crawl up our leg and bite us in the crotch, which coincidentally, most are afraid of precisely that occurring, and now, naturally applaud the times when freedom is knocked unconscious...

Smile, you're on candid camera, the cold, unfeeling, ever watchful, eye, unsleeping ever after (I find it ironically twisted that this thing is named the wall... on many levels of creepy). The claims were all about public safety and yet safety somehow went missing. Maybe the cameras really needed to be in the back rooms of parliaments and congresses where the real thieves, murderers, and molesters tend to hang out.

Next up on 'this was your life' we'll watch the life of the accused as he progressed from stealing gum at the age of six through to such heinous acts as youtube posting a baby dancing to music he didn't write, all the way to budding photo-journalism of the end of days sound-tracked by the car radio playing music he did not pay for. Imagine the nerve of trying to accuse the law of being one-sided and bathed in corporate financier excrement, and even attempting to perpetrate dissent with claims of government corruption and lies... All of which is of course absurdly false, because the governments and corporations are people: just like people used to be. And after the final scene wherein the true terrorism begins and the accused grows a vegetable garden, closes all bank accounts, and buys guns, ammo, and precious metals and starts a blog, the audience will be invited to the front of the stage to stone him to death on live TeeVee, because this was not only your life, it was also your trial.

Imagine the ratings really real reality TeeVee would bring if you take into account how many drooling mongrels are watching something called a honey boo boo, whatever the hell that is...

Whoever demonized thinking was a truly brilliant, yet evil, mastermind. Without ever analyzing our surroundings we are easily led to whichever agenda is being pushed as being some kind of social norm...


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