Sunday, 30 September 2012

The next pawn.

There are three possible scenarios which I see being used to trigger war against Iran.

  1. A massive distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack against the too big to jail banks is conveniently blamed on Iran. The actual damages caused by such a cyber attack is minimal, no more than a minor inconvenience of being unable to perform online banking leaving millions of Americans to have to get off their asses and go to a bank to do whatever they needed to do online. Proof of the originator of such an attack can easily be spoofed or even planted. As an added bonus, the banks can even claim they were hacked (which would be impossible due to their servers having no available bandwidth available to be hacked via) and millions of dollars transferred to offshore accounts (a lie, it's still in the same bank, only the account has changed).
  2. The U.S.S. Enterprise, (the aircraft carrier, not Captain Kirk's starship) which is overdue for decommissioning, will be sunk by an attack appearing to originate from Iran. As unlikely as it sounds, that they will try another U.S.S. Liberty at this time, one still has to wonder why the set to be decommissioned Enterprise was sent to the Persian gulf instead? Seems more cost effective to sink it in foreign waters than to dismantle it, especially given that it is a nuclear wessel (sorry, I couldn't resist), and it would make the whole mess someone else's problem.
  3. A new stuxnet variant is activated at nuclear facilities in the U.S. & Israel causing uranium enrichment activities to halt. This new stuxnet will have the appearance of having been modified by Iran but will likely be over the top. Meaning the code will now contain phrases like "death to America and Israel" and "Allah is good" which is completely unnecessary. This scenario is less likely than the other two, owing to the fact that stuxnet and all other variants have not been overly effective in performing their task and are largely seen as cyber warfare tools created by the CIA & Mossad.
For the time being I will remain hopeful that I am wrong, or that by publishing these scenarios, people behind the curtains have to fall back and regroup. But this is a small blog with little traffic, so I doubt I am a large blip on the radar.


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