Saturday, 29 September 2012

♪And Iran, Iran all night and day♫

The broken record that is the media and it's continuous efforts to villanize all Arabic nations not already under USrael's control either by Al Quaeda proxy uprising or by puppet CIA/Mossad/Banker owned politicians has been giving me a headache for weeks. So I am overjoyed when the occasion arises that they trip on their own feet in a tantrum induced frenzy so childishly foolish that it looks like a 3 year-old who has been told 'no ice cream before dinner'... It's even better when they have the global audiences attention because it makes those normally called crackpot tin-foil hat wearers look guilty of no more than responsible parenting:

I know the blog-sphere alternate media is also guilty of broken-recordism, but given that we don't really have an organization or affiliation, or even any kind of chain of command none of us really knows what the other one is writing or thinking at any given time. So, yes, we often make the same points at the same time, and sometimes republish the works of others who've helped us make our own sense of everything. It's still not as bad as having some debate where 2 people argue for the same side of an argument with different reasoning, because all you end up with here is the singular perspective of the author and are free to choose whether or not said author is full of shit or not. Their way creates a box held up by a stick on a string with a poison carrot as bait, their arguments lead to a single solution, a sole answer, a dead end on a one way street from which you can't even recall how you got there in the first place.

The desperation which is becoming more and more apparent from the yahoos who'd like nothing more than for us all to die martyred to the cause of greater profits for those who already own everything to the contrary of all logic of economics is reinvigorating. It brings a certain credibility even to those I might have at one time thought of as crack-pots myself and expands the the reaches of possibility beyond where I used to believe it was. In an odd sense, it is like being freed from freedom into a place that is free-er.

Not that I felt I needed the justification of a pat on the back for my efforts to maintain my own control on choice and thought, but it helps replenish one's creativity from time to time.

It has also been inspiring to hear conversations of those around me which are seemingly growing more and more dissident, and are even starting to draw the same conclusions as I have. It used to be a lonely existence to not see anything real in reality, but there now seem to be real people camping out with me. Everyone appears to be growing more skeptical of the latest headline, viewing them as being a giant rouse. The distraction of a magician trying to obfuscate what the other hand is doing, and the worse the news, the more obvious the other hand as about to bitch-slap us.

The crash course guided dream world is waning from memory as the fog of sleep is rubbed from more and more eyes, and soon the dream masters shall be the only ones still sleeping in a nightmare from which they cannot wake. I see the tactics escalating in childishness from here, and soon there will be nobody foolish enough to press the snooze button one more time. That is not to say I know precisely what happens next, but  it certainly narrows down the choices of what could happen which makes it much simpler to spot which choices were engineered, and when to opt out of the multiple choice quiz filled with all the wrong answers and write in my own answers by hand. I do not fear being wrong at any time. I fear being right, all the time.


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