Friday, 27 April 2012

Yelling at everybody and nobody

The thin veneer hiding reality appears to be cracking and buckling under the pressure. I realized this morning, that almost every time I get on a cattle-car (or bus) that there is at least 1 person talking to themselves, or behaving somewhat erratically. Today that was emphasized by the fact that someone was silently arguing or yelling at everyone on the bus. The man was in his mid 40s to early fifties and had a portfolio-type of briefcase with him. The kind of briefcase I could only see being carried by a lawyer. There were even arm gestures and plenty of pointing, wide-mouthed, highly emotive yelling, yet in complete silence.

I chose not to judge this person as it seemed everybody else on the bus was already doing plenty of that for me. Instead I pondered to myself; what brings someone to that point? I know that I have to take breaks from my corruption hunting, as is evidenced by the frequency in which I choose to post to this blog, or not to, for fear that I might one day be that man yelling at everybody and nobody on the bus.

I do, sometimes, stop reading altogether, any form of NEWS or current events for a week or two because I am exhausted. It does become a burden to not believe in the world around ones self, fighting the current of all the hypnotized and brainwashed denizens, especially when it sometimes appears to lack any erosive strength against those I am closest to. I imagine that those who come to terms with all the falseness and corruption behind everything they've ever been taught, or told all at once might easily become that guy yelling at everybody and nobody on the bus.

Of course, once I have finished my 'vacation' from the harsh realities, I am completely overwhelmed by the deluge of horrendous events that have transpired while I was away. For example, I have recently discovered that VESPA (or maybe it's pronounced CISPA) was passed by the U.S. Senate. True, I am not American so that was not entirely my fight, but as I am a neighbour of the beast, it is going to stoke the coals under the seat of Prime Dictator Harper® to come out and VETO his own version (Lawful Access) into effect. He'll do it, I have not one iota of doubt in that. Maybe it's bearing witness to such future events which I have absolutely no idea how to fight, deter, steer, or re-focus which drives someone to become that man who yells at everybody and nobody on the bus.

There are, I suppose, all those other factors at play in the equation which tear small holes in the psyche. I mean, we are being slowly poisoned by the food supply, which, coincidentally, new austerity measures from our Prime Dictator Harper® have been deemed as too expensive to test and monitor despite the recent rash of toxic meats processed by companies who will not be held accountable for attempted murder, or even criminal negligence. Maybe these 'recent' toxins are not as 'recent' as we think, and were simply hidden from us for just long enough to let these toxins infiltrate our brains and nervous systems and create a percentage of people who yell at everybody and nobody on the bus.

Maybe, he was medicated for some imagined condition by some doctor on the payroll of one of those Pharma companies who make it sound like all our lives would be better if we could just wander around with erections and smiles while the chemical concoctions they've dreamed up inhibit the serotonin absorption even worse than it had been already by the chemicals in our genetically modified corns and soy and countless other plants we are not told we are eating because goodness knows we've known what DNA is for 50 years and that suddenly makes us experts in the field. What could possibly go wrong if were we to, how should I say it, FUCK WITH DNA! Maybe our DNA modifications are nearly complete, and once we are "there" (wherever the fuck 'there' was supposed to be) we become the guy yelling at everybody and nobody on the bus.

But it could just be this debt slavery that we've been bred into. Yes, in Canada, household debt for mortgages, credit cards, and other forms of credit are all out of control. The national average of personal debt to income ratio was 151% for 2011. Does this make any sense? Why do we owe 51% more than we make?

There is a "class war" going on in Canada and throughout the world, where the Middle-Class would appear to be the targeted terrorist™. This war is fought on multiple fronts which are as follows: the weakening of labour unions, reported inflation is lower than "real" inflation, fascist legislation allowing corporations to do whatever they feel like doing, uneven tax rates, tax shelters and loopholes which only corporations and the wealthy can afford to find. So the middle class must borrow the money that was stolen from it by the criminals who own the country. So we sign in blood on the dotted line to provide for our families, only to find that still did not provide enough, then we sign again, in our children's blood and become the guy yelling at everybody and nobody on the bus.

Let's not forget that the education system in this country is not teaching us to think... It is teaching us how not to question perceived norms or status quo. We learn to ridicule that which is different, and are taught to perceive even the smallest difference in other humans to allow us to more joyously mock and tease, bully and torment. It trains us to live 'inside the box' and that there is no outside unless you are some kind of damaged miscreant who shall never amount to anything. Maybe the box exploded and this person suddenly lost all sense of security in not having the walls that kept him a bound and gagged cog on the wheel of the giant money stealing machine. This overwhelming dizzying feeling once that box was revealed to be a tightrope with no net shattered his mind into a million pieces (all of which became coated in raw anger) and now he can do nothing except for yelling at everybody and nobody on the bus.

Simply watching what the governments of the world are doing to 'fix the financial problems' which were caused by foolishly greedy bankers who lost the largest bets ever made, is maddening. Governments have taken from the people who actually pay for their services, and given it to the greediest of criminals in existence as a reward for stealing, and gambling what was not even theirs to begin with... That has been a huge rallying call. Why am I going to pay to reward somebody who gambled and lost my life-savings, and my future without my permission. These crooks broke their own bank by placing bets against their own stupidity and they actually lost!!! So rather than arrest them all and re-instate 'public stoning' the public now pays their salary too. That alone is enough to make me want to start yelling at everybody and nobody on the bus.

Maybe, I am different... Maybe I will never become that guy yelling at everybody and nobody on the bus for the simple reason that I believe something which that guy on the bus did not. I believe that what I have to say should be heard by everybody on the bus, even if nobody wants to hear it. So while I might be just as animated as this silent man fake yelling and pointing angrily all over the place, when I arrive at his stop, I will actually be yelling in such a way that everybody will hear me, in multiple languages si vous desiré. Alas hearing is not equally identical to listening, and I could still end up yelling at everybody and nobody on the bus.


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