Saturday, 31 March 2012

I'm rubber, you're glue...

I have decided that there is only one true label that works when trying to tag, brand or categorize myself: 'none of the above'. It's true that I might have been comfortable with the 'conspiracy theorist' or even the 'truther' rhetoric at one time, but that time has long since passed as I have expanded my world view infinitely 'outside of the box'. There are no longer any words that can accurately capture and contain my psyche, my belief structure, my perception and my consciousness. I smashed open Pandora's box years ago and have nothing left to fear. I started out this life with nothing, and I still have most of it left.

The unknown, is simply unknown, even if it occasionally contains a flesh eating monster or gross injustice to all humanity. I might not like what becomes known in my enlightenment, but I have no misconceptions that I actually have to like what I learn. I feel no obligation to only discover happiness, joy and light, because a false hope is more discouraging than no hope at all.

Some of the simple truths I hold as self-evident right now.
  • God does not exist solely within the confines of a church, temple, mosque, shrine, artifact or even, book. God is quite likely denied entry into Vatican City and does not need you to 'send anyone your money'.
  • Money is a synthetic device used to control the masses and empower the few at the expense of every natural resource and life (human or otherwise) on this planet. In it's current implementation is a physical manifestation of pure evil which hates you and steals just a little of your soul every time you open your wallet...
  • Government (pretty close to ALL OF THEM) has been hijacked by banking and corporate interests.
  • All war is illegal and founded from baseless fabrications, which, even once revealed fail to stop or even slow the war machine in it's perpetual motion.
  • Justice is no more than a pretty word with no meaning when used in collusion with the words 'corporate', 'financial', or 'political'. Petty thieves who steel a purse or a car or murderers and rapists are still punished, but bankers who steal billions or politicians who kill millions and torture thousands are not. This is not the same blind lady justice I was taught exists, this is a lady justice who is empathetic of her captors, fallen in love with her rapists, and dependent on her slaver.
  • Language is being molded into thought control by some very clever psychopaths. 'Axis of Evil', 'Conspiracy Theorist', 'Humanitarian', 'Islam', 'person-hood', 'freedom', 'election', 'terrorist', 'truther', 'weapons of mass destruction'... The list of words that have taken on some hidden agenda is enormous and continuously growing.
  • The large media conglomerates no longer contain any actual journalism, except when they slip up and report a fact accidentally. Smaller outfits with no links to the big six are few and far between.
  • Chem-pharma-agro toxins have infected everything... Since we are seldom told any truth about the testing that went into things like aspartame, roundup, viox, and so many other products (like, it's possible that there was no testing done at all, how would we know?), we should all assume that everything these industries create or have created in the past 50 years (likely more) are meant to kill us, or cause us irreparable harm.
  • 9/11, WTC7, Flight 93, JFK, RFK, MLK, John Lennon, al Quaeda, Oklahoma City, the underwear bomber, the Anthrax letters, Pan Am flight 103/Lockerbie, the Nayriah testemony, and many more have sufficient problems in their official story to warrant further investigation. Some of these official stories break the laws of physics repeatedly while others are simply too stupid to be believable, but every one of these official stories require a suspension of logic. WTC7 has actually been omitted from the official story, and as such, never happened according to most sources. The BBC even conveniently 'lost' their footage where the collapsed building is right behind the reporter, standing and whole. The BBC was not alone in their 'premonition' because FOX broke the story, went to the live feed, then did not even appear even mildly surprised that they then watched it go down... Reporting the NEWS before it happened either challenges space-time laws of physics, or is highly suspect of somebody having been let in on the plan too early.
Nationalism, patriotism, racism, globalism, and economy are presently enemies of humanity. Racism is obvious in this list so I will delve into the detail, except to say that hate is the most easily manipulated of all human emotions.

Nationalism and patriotism call to surface an artificial sense of pride and an emotional response that is unwarranted using a manipulated if not completely false history to drive you to the conclusion of two artificially generated choices, wherein only one sounds convincing. Thus corralled into a single viable choice yet not realizing that a single viable choice meant no actual conscious choice, and not thinking your freedom was stolen because of this artificial emotionally hypnotic state. All the required imagery to completely overwhelm logic by an influx of emotion is already burned into the psyche of everybody, be it a plane colliding with a sky-scraper on national television, or pictures of masked hooligans with AK-47's. These are tools used to overwhelm your logical thought process with an outpouring of emotions and allow you to be guided into the baited trap of false conclusions.

Globalism and economy work in unison. Globalism is the desire of banks and corporations to freely own everything unhindered by locally held beliefs, laws, regulations, restrictions, tariffs, taxes, human rights, and anything else meant to protect the people from the rape and pillaging committed by faceless conglomerates hiding in their ivory towers safely located on the other side of the planet.

Economy is the math used to convince us we cannot thrive without globalism to 'protect' their interests. Economics is a synthetic mathematics algorithm which is designed to create scarcity where none exists by tossing out any variables that do not cause the equation to arrive at it's desired results. Essentially, every economics equation eliminates the randomness of humanity from every equation as humanity is far to incalculably random to arrive at any concrete result, this equation is then applied to humanity (which as I mentioned, was not calculated in the equation to begin with) and expected to arrive at an identical conclusion... It is not science, it is not math, it is 'magic' which does not expect reality to exist. Economics in it's most bare-bones explanation is Enron...

So with all that said, if I am to have a 'label' I will give it to myself... I am "none of the above". I will vote for "none of the above". I will provide promotional assistance to "none of the above". And I will give my trust to "none of the above"... But most of all I will do my best to be a thorn in the side of all of the above.


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