Friday, 30 March 2012

Finaly there's some good NEWS in the NEWS

March & Q1 2012: CNN Loses Half its Audience

I suppose that there are 3 ways we could look at these numbers...
  1. people can no longer afford cable
  2. people are working multiple jobs and have no time for T.V.
  3. a massive awakening is occurring where people have lost faith in the MSM propaganda and have turned to alternate media sources
While all of these are quite plausible I hope that it's the 3rd option, because the other 2 options are absolutely depressing to think about...

I know that I, personally, do not factor into these numbers because I get my NEWS from any and every source I can find. Whether or not I believe what the idiot box tells me is irrelevant; I still find it useful to listen to "the static" in order to hear what it isn't telling me...

However, I would not recommend this tactic to everyone, as some people probably lack the ability to deliberately bombard themselves with the propagandist hate machine and come away from the encounter unscathed. Honestly, I do not know what quality I possess which allows me to remain deprogrammed in spite of my exposure level.

Maybe I am one of the lucky few who was not fluoridated into a walking corpse as a child. Maybe my complete and total lack of need for medical attention for decades has spared my brain of the chemically induced coma that the drug companies are all pushing. Maybe my complete and total lack of faith or belief in this 'artificial system' which we are all born captive to, then groomed to love and obey, acts as insulation.

Since I never actually 'woke up' as many out there appear to be doing en masse, I do not know if simply realizing the artificial nature of the system becomes it's own shield to filter out the brainwashing. I suppose the pure and simple outrage that many must feel once they realize that their entire belief structure has been a lie might be enough, but I have no point of reference nor personal experience to back this idea. In fact, I am not even sure how the psyche can handle such an impact without falling into pure madness... Because really, once one part of the system becomes obvious, the rest of the illusion that was hiding it falls apart pretty quickly.

The chain of lies built upon larger and older lies finds it's end so far back that eventually it leads to nothing... Could that really be? Could the whole creationist concept actually be correct? First there was nothing, then, lies... Since this has always been my perception, I do not despair over it and I have absolutely no fear of 'nothing'... I almost feel more contented by 'nothing' than I do by 'something' because at least 'nothing' cannot be a lie while 'anything' or simply 'something' could be completely false.

I'm sorry, I might have gotten a bit sidetracked there... The end of a long week spent being a figurative cog in the fake machine can occasionally tax the mind into thinking it needed to escape in a 'calgon, take me away' moment... Then snap, Nothing...

Wherever it all leads (be it somewhere, or nowhere) I am just happy to be on the side that stands the best chance of winning. The truth can only be hidden for so long before it escapes, and once it has it is so glaringly obvious that you no longer understand how it took you so long to see... Like 'where's Waldo' only with a pink elephant so large it barely leaves any space for you in the room.

Keep fighting the good fight. We appear to be on the correct course.


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