Saturday, 3 March 2012

Dollar me this, Iceland

Iceland: in 2008 when the globalist banking cabal stole anything that wasn't nailed down, Iceland behaved in complete contrast to the rest of the planet... They told the bankers to fuck off and go bankrupt instead of shoveling tax dollars down the eternally hungry gullet of a bottomless pit. It wasn't a painless act, but it was over much more quickly than all the problems in Greece. It worked in much the same way as it is better to rip the band-aid off than it is to slowly tear it away for twenty minutes. The Icelandic Krona is still having a rough time against international markets and so they are looking to fix it somehow.

They could try to use the Euro dollar, which is killing Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain (affectionately referred to as the PIIGS countries, which I guess gives us a right to call the banksters "Piigs fuckers"... I like that, I will have to use it again...). But I assume that they are aware of this problem and are looking for yet another 'fuck you bankers' solution to said problem but I am afraid this time they are looking in the wrong direction.

They are now thinking of swapping out the Krona for the Canadian dollar. Which, on it's surface, looks good for both countries. They gain a greater stability as the Canadian dollar has had a far less bumpy ride amid all the financial chaos of the past four years, and Canada gets added GDP and population in it's wallet...

Unfortunately, as with all things in this world, appearances can be deceiving.

The Bank of Canada, despite the thin veneer suggesting otherwise, is not a Government entity. The Bank of Canada is a corporation just like the Federal Reserve, Bank of England, Euro, and almost every other central bank on the planet. Their only way out of this mess, is use their own national currency so long as it is not owned and operated by a corporation, but is instead controlled and owned by a national government entity. (I am not certain if that is what they have right now, but the wikipedia article seems to indicate yes)

THAT would stick it to the bankers... Of course the trouble with this plan is that they end up on some axis-of-evil hit-list like Iran and their fictitious nuclear weapons on the world stage... But, now and then, a cause comes along that might even be worth dying for... Unfortunately, we're all told that everything is worth dying for, so we'll overlook the truly valiant causes.

As for stability, that's fairly simple: introduce a GOLD standard... Nobody ever said economic recovery was easy to live through, despite that, what I am hearing said from some would-be financial experts makes no sense at all. Then again, because "nobody said" I'm lead to wonder if that unsaid is just what the banksters would prefer remained unknown.


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