Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Vive le Québec Libre®

The province of Quebec has asked it's population if it would like to become it's own country, not once, but twice thus far in my lifetime, founding a statement that I use frequently 'No, means no (except in Quebec)'. Mostly we answer no due to the image of the language police being given the highest authority in law enforcement and think we want no part in that kind of genocide. However I realize a much larger flaw with their image of a Québec libre: they wish to continue to use of Canadian currency.

It's never really sat right with me because it sounds like moving out of your parents house but still requesting an allowance.

Are we to assume that the political minds of Quebec whom seem hellbent on becoming the first king of New France want no fiscal responsibility? Probably. Are we to understand they are that narrow minded that they do not realize that money is the true power in the world and that not owning it means you own nothing at all? Yes.

Granted, it's not easy to leave the comfort of mother's breast-milk, especially before you've learned how to walk or talk, but the only way to quit most addictions is cold turkey. But I guess the bankers have them convinced that responsible money is too difficult to understand, and is therefore best left in the hands of the cult of Rothschild/Rockefeller because that is how it's been done everywhere else. Are they truly so self-absorbed that they don't see how well it works 'everywhere else'? While the answer to that should be 'I should hope not' it isn't. Their pie in the sky of being empowered to rule without their siblings getting in the way while mother breaks up the really big fights ends precisely there. They never look to the larger picture.

In fact the dream is so narrow, that I am not even sure there is a plan beyond having 'anglophone work camps' and dominating servitude over those who persist in speaking a language that isn't dying a slow death due to complexity and lack of interest by the youth who've begun to realize there are too few people who understand them. French cannot be saved the through legislation of a couple of million persons, but again, there is no looking to the bigger picture. This tunnel vision through the narrowest of peep-holes perspective is what most people have seen when the question has been raised in the past.

And so we've said no more than once. They've even attempted to convolute the question in an effort to confuse us into thinking yes. Funny enough, the plan was foiled 'By money and the ethnic vote' according to Jaques Parizeau who was the top elected official in Quebec at the time. Of course he does talk about 'next time' also, which is why I have come to re-term referendum either as 'referendless™' or 'neverendum™', which are words I use interchangeably depending on my mood. It is also interesting to note that his supporters get quieter as he continues to talk, maybe they begin to realize just how racist he sounds and begin to wonder where the exits to the room are.

For reasons I can not explain, the general population of Quebec is seemingly more politicized than populations in other parts of the world. We seem to have a higher percentage of people who question authority of any type, and who seek to find their own answers, at least in the populated areas. Funny enough, we are also peopled with an above average number of Pirates and hackers, and I am assuming these groups to be populated by the same people. Maybe these attempts to trick and deceive have kept us on our toes and taught us to read between the lies, though I suppose it could still be just pure dumb luck that we were not led into this trap like the flock of ignorant sheeple we are presumed to be.

But I suppose the thanks for our awakening and galvanized politicism should go out to our political system in it's layered complexity, in the 'distinct society clauses' and in 'non-confidence votes'. Quebec politicians have been known to thumb their noses at the rest of Canada after being the only one not to vote, causing a collapse in the policy and a requirement to rewrite it. Should we separate, but keep their currency, we will have lost that ability as we will no longer have any voting rights, nor even a seat at the table. Their monetary (and international) policy to directly affect our well-being with not even a right to express our discontent with their decisions.

I might actually change my vote, if my Québec Libre includes it's own money, mind you, not one of these central banks with shareholders and private bankers where we can never see what goes on behind closed doors, but one where our votes actually change the people who work there when we are not happy. I don't even think it needs gold backing to work out for us, it just needs to be owned by us. Even if that means I go to work in a labour camp for speaking my mind in English...

Then I awaken from my dream and realize what a large target this would put on our backs... Suddenly, Iran drops to public enema number 2 and Quebec is the new rogue state of interest. Israel is 400% certain that we are enriching Asbestos for Muslims somewhere and the U.S. discovers secret Missile silos that, from the ground just outside, look like average grain silos (maybe because that's what they actually they are), and they are close enough to the U.S. border to take out the entire population of New Israel. Promptly followed by the false flag attack wherein a French Mustache is welded onto the statue of puberty over night and is an immediate call to arms in the name of freedom (coincidentally, the renaming to freedom toast, and freedom fries will extend to freedom kissing freedom braids, and 'pardon my freedom' shall be the new line for 'excuse my upcoming bad language').

Never mind le Québec Libre for the moment, let us remain not dead long enough to uncover the true beast and stab it before even thinking of asking the question again.


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