Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Science of Lies IV: "...and now a word from our censors"

I read an interesting point in an article the other day. But believing nothing, as I usually do, I decided to dig into it a bit myself. Part of this is to do web searches, and refine those searches with an eye to seeing who cites the same information. I find it very odd when 'refining' my search actually eliminates the results I was looking for. So it is not only our media that is censored, our quest to find alternate media sources appears to be censored as well. So revealing 'computer science' lies.

Exhibit A: Google search results for "Japan Iran uranium" with no quotes which yields 50% of exactly what I was looking for in the top 8 results
Exhibit B: same Google search refined to "News" between Feb 23rd 2011 and Feb 25th 2011:
What happened there? The previous results point to a 'news report' on Feb 24th 2011, yet I get only 2 results that aren't even the article I am looking for because I chose 'news'? or because I chose 'dates'?

Granted 25% of the results are blog posts, but, even "Israel at your fingertips" (which would appear to be a site geared towards the news not reported elsewhere) at least contains the word news in it's domain, and is organized like a 'news' site. Though maybe a bit behind on the 'eye candy' over some other supposed news sites (exhibit C: 2 'news'™ sites, one with a budget, the other without):
Yes, I agree, one looks pretty, and the other looks like Yahoo did in 1996, but honestly, I am here to read text which in both cases is black writing on a white background... the rest is just a distraction. (though the eye candy site does not easily allow me to read the text in this size of a window: note the lack of a scroll bar at the bottom... Score +1 for 1996 Yahoo design!)

Unfortunately I have not found enough results either way to make any truly informed judgment about whether Japan was going to enrich uranium for Iran or not... But the timing and chain of "11" events that followed, heck the fact that there is an "11" associated with Japan is almost enough for me to consider that all in Fukushima is not as it appears.

I only question whether such events can actually be orchestrated to such a degree with present technology... If so be afraid...

Note: Since the google screenshots were taken (yesterday), the article no longer appears in the top 10 google results... Interesting...


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