Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Waking From One Nightmare to Be Trapped In The Next

I've hit a new patch of bad juju these past couple of days... Insomnia...

Don't get me wrong, I have had absolutely no problem falling asleep, staying there for longer than about 3 hours, however, is another story altogether. It's not like I ever slept much longer than 5 or 6 hours at any given time so I've not begun to suffer any serous consequences yet... Unless you count the occasional overwhelming feeling of palpable dread which appears to be situational and brought on by some combination of time, location, or possibly even people nearby at the time... I've not fully registered the cause yet, only the symptoms, which is always the first step in uprooting the cause. I'm not even consciously aware if this 'disturbance' is the echo of a local or global event on the event horizon, but, I've felt like this too many times to discount it to indigestion.

On the level of global events there are so many things which could be pressing on the boundary between the conscious and subconscious given the fashion parade of designer wars created to fuel banker profit and elite depopulation agendas... I'd list the many, but the Ukrainian debacle seems far too chock full of all the wrong stuff to override the Isis and Jihad John false flags. Not to undermine the fact that government spooks seem to pop up in every 'random act of violence' these days. While it's nice that so much is being unearthed, it's the rule of cockroaches that concerns me... You know that rule, don't you? For every one you see there are a thousand you don't which is why, if you see 50 of them scurry under the stove when you turn on the kitchen light it's cheaper and easier to napalm your house than call an exterminator.

Of course I haven't ruled out the possibility that my girlfriend these past nine years might decide I have to live elsewhere, or some other life-changing, but not, universe-changing event could be coming... Not sure how I'd handle that one either, but at least if I'm thinking of such possibilities I'm likely planning the workaround. What I wouldn't give for the memory of some bizarre and symbolic dream to interpret, alas, not even a fading image from the space between when I was sleeping and when I wasn't any more.

Funny though, how some things seem almost predicable... One CEO says something stupid, then before you know it the next largest competitor is cleaning up this mess. Me thinks someone doth protest too much... But, sure, let's worry about all those foiled rail bomb plots more than the trains which actually explode. Maybe I'm seeing the wrong angle.. Well, honestly, I usually see my angle from the only place I can, my eyes...

Well it's been a couple of days and the insomnia has subsided, so I guess it was indigestion from all the Mexican breakfast cereal being sold in these parts. Maybe it's that "not so fresh, er, safe feeling" of knowing that my safety and security are priority one in the halls of a hundred monkeys (parliament). Maybe I was simply working out who Scotiabank's snazzy tagline was targeted towards, of course that's not really a secret anymore. Maybe I'm simply preparing to defend myself in court at some future date for not submitting my most recent password lists to the ministry of thought crime.

The possibilities are pretty endless on what maybe a road to a possible future I'd prefer never to see. But then the present is already fairly close to a prior vision of the future I never wanted to see either...


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