Wednesday, 11 June 2014

No news is... Well... Um... No news

Well, my news readers appear to be down, and much as 'they' say "no news, is good news" I've never really given 'they' much credibility or faith at any point during my journey through life. Perhaps it's all in the timing and accuracy at which any promise they've made have been all at once both realized then nearly instantly crushed.

There was a time where things seemingly fell into place: a good job with good pay, a stable relationship, a house, 2 cars, a kid and several pets... All of this did carry a certain debt burden which, funny enough, covered itself and returned some profit on its collapse, but the timing of it all was a synergy which can be traced to 2 things: the "dot.bomb", and 9-11. One drove off the good job, the other began the rising cost of the basic building block of the entire economy: Oil.

Despite leaving that 'american dream'-like life with some cash, it would not compensate for now having a half-empty apartment which somehow cost as much and more to live in than the house had on a salary that was 40% lower than the one I had before merging and purging half of the furnishings I'd owned prior to the dream-state... And then we add the almost double cost of a tank full of gas and child support payments which had not existed in the past and I am now assured a bankruptcy within 3 to 5 years.

I know these things were required to happen because needed the wakeup call... I had already, long before any of this, in fact, even before my 1st summer job, understood that retirement would be delayed more than once (1st time has already happened: 67 is the new 65). I already knew in my youth that there was going to be a 'too many old people to take care of' crisis, which is starting now and will only get worse. And I already realized that 'national debt' could never be paid in my lifetime. I also understood that most 'good jobs' would not actually become vacant until I was... Well, actually, I'm still not that age yet... And that by that time I would be passed up for someone younger, less experienced, and above all less expensive, which has already started as well, which is how I've come to be in a minimum wage tax bracket and with no benefits nor even paid vacation. Though, I suppose the fact that this job doesn't drive me into a murderous rage every twenty minutes counts for something.

I know having had 'it all' back in the good old days (which never really were) only to end up with even less than I had before then was the demonstration that the quest for stuff is an endless path to nowhere and is a highly stressful and consuming force against one's own well-being... But I've meandered away from the news long enough...

It's not as though I've been paying much attention to news lately anyway, yet I am seemingly still alerted to a great many news items via unsolicited channels. I am aware of the irregularities in the 'maple-syrup Rambo' story and the only line of the entire 3-day affair which I read was 'apprehended, unarmed, with weapons found nearby'... Funny how placid these 'lone-gunmen' types appear to be in the end, one might think they were programmed that way if they had the belief people could be programmed. And let's not forget the convenience of their decision to hide the weapons in plain sight... Of course, since I'd been informed of all this 'through the grapevine' I decided to run the headlines scans to find 1 officer wounded and 2 dead followed by a blitz of 'oh that poor widow' stories all with the same photo speaking of one of the 2 dead and never really speaking of the other dead person... So either they didn't exist or his misdeeds are too numerous to raise even the most miniscule amount of sorrow at his passing. I've not investigated either angle, I'm simply pointing out some oddities and following logic to some conclusions... Oh and my news service was being DDoS'd which was why I was not getting anywhere... I guess I'll have to change some passwords again.

I know there is some other big to-do about some shooter in Vegas as well, even if I have no idea where I obtained this notion... I won't get much more into that right now because I think I've exhausted my entire knowledge of the topic in one sentence.

I have begun to think that this posting has lost any cohesive direction. I suppose that's just how these things go sometimes, especially when it had no real goal from the get-go.


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