Sunday, 22 June 2014

Mugshots, Common sense, and Karma

15% of the headlines I just read, published in the past day in MSM sources seem to have something to do with "hot mugshot guy". It's truly remarkable what passes for NEWS these days all while police behave badly and get away with it. It's all put out there to distract us from the facts that we go malnourished while the rich keep it all for themselves, no worries, it will only get worse from here because things are working as intended. Far be it for anyone to be interested in fixing the problem by maybe finding an alternate fuel source. No, that would not be financially sound in the profit driven world, even if there is very little in that profit driven world that makes sense at all, like mass retiring to solve the retirement deficit...

Common sense, and his BFF logic vacated these premises on permanent vacation some time ago. Maybe they'll send us an occasional postcard, though I suspect those will be lost in the mail or at least lost in translation.

So long as we all know who is evil even if communism and Russia parted ways a couple of decades ago then maybe we can get this economy moving again sometime... Of course this simply means we can stop killing the impoverished through malnutrition and crime infested cesspits and get back to killing them with depleted uranium like good civil humanitarians. Far be it from anyone to take the logical approach and outlaw banking to maybe get things back on some kind of track, but, then I have already stated common sense and logic fled this place for fear of being labelled terrorists some time ago.

Speaking of some time ago, which we likely were not, I am fairly certain I have brought something like this up right here in these very pages at some point or another, and I know I have mentioned things like this on more than one occasion as well. I just find it odd when considering the source of who is doing the saying of it now. Maybe this simply means it is now a matter of months instead of the years ago that I could see it all shaping up into the perfect storm.

I suppose not all the news is such a terrible tragedy since sometimes things happen to reinforce the idea of Karma.


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