Friday, 22 November 2013

The Blessings of Black Days & Killings Of JFKs

I suppose it's about time I post something about shit that doesn't directly involve me, maybe simply for nostalgia's sake, since for the most part everything points back to the same places... Yes, regardless of how you slice it up things tend to happen because money changed hands and promises were made in some dimly lit parking garage or backroom. I understand the plan has always been to keep most people stupid like a fox, and as it happened, I just saw stupid on prime-time TV...

Some new game show in which the contestant was asked what a Grammy Award is shaped like: A) a megaphone, B) a microphone, C) a gramophone... Wouldn't you know it, stupid needed 2 lifelines and still seemed unsure... Then, it got worse... We find out on 'ask the mob' that under half of this so called mob had the right answer... It was at least more than the 33% attrition rate of randomly guessing from 3 possible answers, but not by enough to make me warm and fuzzy inside...

Digressing... Far from here...

I live in a city on an island, most of the bridges are in such disrepair that they are in danger of falling down. We aren't sure where the money for new bridges will come from, yet we can afford things like this somehow... I suppose it's all about priorities... The sphere of politics obviously knows they need certain things to help them sleep at night and are immune to Valium at this late phase of the game. They know sooner or later somebody is going to be pissed at them for consistently pulling the slight of hand bait and switch game.

Yes they've been busy here keeping us talking about language and headdresses, in spite of the fact that all this talk of language and headdresses caused the jobs to get a headache and roll over a border somewhere... I'd have followed them but I did not get the memo as to where we were supposed to meet up. I might still, if I could think of any place that bears any resemblance to "better than here". Alas, nowhere sounds much better, and an extreme lack of funds tends to put a damper on hiring moving vans. So maybe a career change was in order, ahem, "do you want fries with that, you fat bastard?"... Admittedly, this might require more rehearsing...

Has my lack of direction pissed anyone of yet? I've been really good at pissing people of this past week, and I'm not even aware that I'm doing it... Like right now, my girlfriend thinks I'm am texting my mistress... A friend I've been playing online games with woke up one morning and put me on an ignore list, and both my coffee maker and 2nd computer monitor died all in the same week... So I'm even pissing off inanimate objects now, I'm just that good.

Don't worry about me, I'm used to my world collapsing once a decade or so. These things happen and are not truly extraordinary events when compared with all the other events I've lived.

I missed the 50th anniversary of a president murdered by big money and warmongering spooks. While it's better late than never, I still feel I missed the event. I did get to hear all about a blood-stained, pink, fake, Chanel dress on the news that day and thought 'really? This is what we care about?', then turned it off.

I've been pondering much lately, knowing full well what it's cost me to speak my mind and spread the truth as I understand it to look like, would I still have traveled the road thus far? It isn't as thought I didn't expect a high cost on the outset, so probably.. Funny enough I write these words from a target store on black Friday, which in Canada, is really just another day at just another Zellers, save for the fact that this Zellers didn't hire me 3 times, and finally emailed me to request that I stop applying... Whether they still appear short staffed or not, appears to be a moot point, but since I am fifteen years older that the average employee I think I know what's what here...

Consumerism: The young and recently indoctrinated luring the old and jaded into buying stuff they don't need with money they don't have....... Sounds like a banker's wet dream if only they could gang rape these virgins in the employee lounge, during coffee break. But then, how the hell would I know what goes on in the employee lounge?

I'm told we don't have money, yet somehow, we are shopping for winter coats, which, last time I checked, we own already, (looks down, takes inventory), yup I'm wearing one right now. Apparently that was last year's fashion because winter coats are all about looking stylish, rather than, say, keeping you warm, aren't they? If I used a keener eye maybe I'd observe the slight tonal variance between last year's black and this years, but this is likely a waste of my time and my talents.

Well, so it would seem most things I've written do somehow involve me... I'd say sue me, but this stone is bloodless, and sunk very near to bottom tier looking up through the sewer grates in a winter with no skirts. There may be nowhere to go but up, but there's very little to look up to along the way, either. And if I can't seem to convince my girlfriend that all this lowest common dendollarator, bullshit, is in fact less than healthy, which, by less than, I mean less healthy than simply rolling up your worthless epoxy money and smoking it with a side of crack... Then how could I ever hope to convince anyone else?


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