Saturday, 2 November 2013

The end of the World as We Know It

I just witnessed a microcosm, or maybe it was a macrocosm because I could see it, of the end of days. Here in Montreal it was a windy afternoon and evening, power failures started popping up in spots throughout the area, and I was to attend a birthday in a restaurant with take out and delivery. A place whose speciality is roast chicken. I order a quarter chicken breast, as do many of the 15 people at the table. 15, or 20 minutes pass and the waitress returns to inform us: the restaurant is out of roasted, quarter chicken...

We (mostly) take this in stride with the commentary that this place specializes in roasted chicken, but change our orders. I chose the steak, as close to uncooked as they'd do and another 20 oz beer, and rejoined the conversation. Another 15 or 20 minutes passes... The waitress returns with, we're out of steak, leaving mr a choice of, salad, chicken fingers, or radiation poisoning à là salmon that might be from the Fukushima infested Pacific. You only live once, so I ordered the Salmon, and asked if they were out of beer yet... They weren't and the 3rd 20 OZ beer came into arms reach. So now we're a table full of people who've been drinking on an empty stomach who have more or less seen the humour of the situation...

But suddenly I realized, I didn't verbalize it, because I figured it would cause a mutiny, but I realized that this is just how lean the supply chain of the entire planet has been scaled down to. Gas stations frequently run out of gas even if for only a few hours, stores don't want to be left holding the bag on inventory nobody wants to buy, nor do manufacturing plants. It would be understandable where perishable goods are concerned, or with exorbitantly expensive items like cars which also take up a whole lot of space... But this truly was a reflection of our world in a state of collapse.

While I am speaking of it, unless I was only thinking of it, which means I'll say it whether it fits or not: which moron decided that canned and pickled items need an expiry date on them and when? I seem to recall a time when you could eat canned veggies in a store brand so old you no longer remember where that store used to live before Walmart evicted them. But then they say memories dim over time so maybe I wasn't really there in the first place. I'm simply putting out the food for thought, ultimately it's on you to eat or not and makes little difference in my life. But of course there's the limited time offer because at exactly midnight of October 21st 2016 all the rat poison coating the interior of this can mystically activates et voila your wax beans of doomsday survival are simply wax beans of doom.

Unless Monsanto was involved in any phase prior to you putting it on your shelf in which case, foiget abaat it. Plans inside of plans inside of plans, and every juncture designed to coral you like the cattle they perceive you to be. Don't look at me, I didn't make the rules, and usually don't choose to live by them, which, I might add really helps draw ones attention to them...

Living on the edge of civilization often brings about the ability to point out who thinks inside the box, while knowing full well that there is no box. The inverse of this works too: those so hopelessly dependent on my not being right tend to get a weird sensation from my presence, that I don't even have to open my mouth to feel shunned anymore. Yes I can now feel the distain and palpable dread of those among us too afraid to think for themselves while people avoid the seat next me on the crowded bus, and I don't look ghastly, unclean, nor brutishly different than anyone else... I simply vibrate in a different resonance than everyone else... I really only bite when asked :-p


Off to my next job interview... At Target... Maybe the 3rd time is the charm...


  1. Yeah! Being awake and aware is the best repellent to humans you can find! Been suffering from this for years...too bad it doesn't work on mosquitoes.

  2. You just seem alien to them. They sense your not like them. They sense you may see through their lies and they lie lots so the herd avoids you like your sick. That's why they believe so many of the lies they are fed. It's a collaborative effort in the herd, a believing of each others lies. They sense your not playing the same game.

  3. Thanks, I have felt somewhat alien for the better part of a lifetime, at least now I have figured out why.