Tuesday, 3 December 2013

life, imitating art, imitating life

You never need to look very far, or very long to find the ironies this corrupted world spits at us. We always hear about the punishment should fit the crime, and the politicians want to get tough on crime, and yet we find the criminals not being punished for their crimes so long as they fit into a certain category of person. Yet there is certain poetic justice which appears from time to time (or maybe it was art imitating life imitating art) just to mock the whole system. These things happen just to remind us that the system was not set up by geniuses, but rather by those of a single-mindedness who are rather hellbent on fucking everyone over and sending them the dry-cleaning bill to boot in the belief that they somehow deserve more than everybody else for reasons of their own creation.

I am done bowing and cowering to genocidal maniacs, yet, in many ways, it would appear inescapable as world leaders all appear to know which side their ass was buttered on. It no longer matters who lost the war on Syria, or was that terror? I no longer pay attention to the branding these days, mostly because it's all garbage filled with all-natural aspartame... I don't remember when or how we started growing aspartame on plants in the garden, but then I have never really done a whole lot of research into the matter either. Just about any and every aspect of life and language has been twisted from what it was supposed to be into what it is being sold as... or was that sold 'as is', I never really understood the fine print which is likely why I no longer sign anything. At least it is becoming easier to point out who deserves a good lynching these days as the impatience stirs the minds of the criminally insane. Soon enough there will not even need to be litmus tests to determine who isn't on our side.

Things are at least coming apart in ways I've previously anticipated, even if I still don't understand how Fox news somehow survives (and yes this link is recycled from above), but I am uncertain that it's for all the right reasons, but crazy is as crazy does most of the time, and given that I am not crazy, yet, I cannot easily slip into the mindset...

I can't say that I really want to attempt to slip into the mindset, as, who knows if the mindset ever slips off again. Certain histories seem to dictate that insanity is handed down through the ages and republished ad nausium until crazy was the only recognizable and fungible trait left to latch onto. I think this is pretty much where we live right now, embrace the insanity or fear loosing your sanity, yet nobody sees the 3rd and unadvertised choice of not being insane. It's too bad because nothing can be fixed while insanity reigns.


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  1. The storie of the core of civilization places advancement in front of humanity. These immoral assertions create the insanity reflected in all souls. Dominance has become the goal of the minority. Basically we are dealing with a short, fat and ugly demon using the only edge left.