Thursday, 14 November 2013

A New Hope

There have been many latent and slow changes apparent to me of late. I'm not entirely certain how long it's been happening nor how much longer it will take to happen. I've begun to see both sides of the coin now as I appear to find the beauty hidden beneath layers of well varnished ugly as well as all the ugly which has always masqueraded as beauty. I find an odd sense of love being much simpler to hand out than contempt and give less that half a shit if there were any reciprocity to follow. When I've been outside (which I do still avoid to some degree) I feel a sense of the kindred human spirit reflected in the faces of most strangers save for a few really bad eggs... Mostly those bad eggs appear to be limited to the stewards of corporate guardianship who may smell the stench of humanity on my skin or see some radiant aura of 'bad for business' enter the interview room moments before I do, but I can only speculate into things I cannot see, smell, hear, taste, nor touch.

Maybe this all stems from some sense of when not to go outside, or maybe I am staring at the refracted reflection of myself being interpreted subconsciously by many of those around me. I haven't broached the subject with any of the strangers who've seemingly singled me out in a crowd with random small talk or questions on which bus goes where, but I am seemingly 'approachable' which, in all honesty, had never previously been the case... A lifetime has passed where I've been accustomed to finding myself the only inhabitant of this side of the street, and now here are strangers, looking to me for whatever company or information they required, and often these encounters find their way into some like minded views of topics I write about here, despite my not having steered the conversation in the least.

I'm not seeking the hidden meaning of it, be that aura, resonance, magnetism, self-confidence, or vibratory states because it's likely a combination of many of these. But it does show me an inkling of the whole of all people, and give me a sense of just what obstacles or owners failed to contemplate even if I'm only seeing a unique and localized event-horizon, I feel it is a growing and spreading state of mind as people are less afraid of shedding the misconceptions so carefully concocted and spoon fed to us the spans of many lives.


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  1. I've always enjoyed crystal clear pools of water...for swimming in.

    maybe there are multiple dimensions of vibratory resonance...

    for those with the courage to boldly leave the stool sculpture deity cult compound

    with the hope of ..... finding a clear pool

    Charles Torello wrote a book about UT Football...

    Charles played RIGHT GUARD for RICE for 4 years....

    you guys should team up and help put six million deviants in the ovens of truth
    probably spark some interest {HOPE} in your age group
    for rendering the lies into ashes