Thursday, 7 November 2013

God, The Godless, And The Ugly Truth

I know I don't often speak of God here, and in so saying, let's call not often, almost never. It isn't simply because I am an agnostic who's chosen to forge his own path through this life but also that I tend to zone out when anybody around me gets preachy for the simple fact that I view religion as a long running control system wherein the brainwashed denizens congregate on a set schedule to be programmed by the person standing in the front of the room...

That isn't too say I hold no belief in the great beyond, and other things both unknown and unseen. No. But I also won't claim god as a singular entity either. I perceive god as the soul within all of us, unless you are one of the soul sucking Zionist, banker, supremist, vampire rats I so frequently like to lash out towards in these pages... Because they are demonspawn as are all the rat-bastards who feel compelled to do their bidding, yes you know who you are, you corrupt politicians, warmongers, mouth-breathing chain of command pit bull cops, and lying through your teeth media whores. Oh, and let's not forget anyone in the education system whose sole joy in life has been to suck the imagination right out of our children in the effort to churn out generations of mindless automatons. HEY! TEACHER! LEAVE THOSE KIDS ALONE!

So we are left with the rest of us... The litmus test is simple enough, if you are not prone to outbursts of wicked cackling when seeing someone kick a puppy, I'm probably talking about you. You are god to some degree or another, the degrees of which will vary depending on your tendencies and tenacities but the bottom line is really on how much good or bad you inflict on others... Now I don't mean this in any sexual sense unless you were inflicting your will on the unconsenting or unable to consent, because that puts you in the rank and file of banker douchbags, but what happens between consenting people is their own business.

So there it is, all around us, you're god, I'm god, this is the omnipotence, this is the unity, we were all one and we will be again. This is why we spend lifetimes searching for the person who makes us feel whole, because when we came to be here, we gave up our oneness to be this incomplete and imperfect version of what we were... We don't need to pray to the Egyptian DEMON Amon (aka, ahmen, aka AMEN familiar? hmmm?). We only ever need to look into ourselves, past the layers of fashion magazine 50 ways to make your dick bigger, 45 ways to please a man, and all those other reasons we've been fed to fuel a hatred towards our own selves. All the answers are there once you dig past the veneer of brainwashing rhetoric engineered for the purpose of selling a product or service.

Results will vary only in degrees from person to person in much the same manner as the definition of love does... I've never felt more right about anything, and yet like love, I can't tell you what to feel nor how to feel about itlist when you get there...

On that note I must finish this and go into a job interview... (12:45)

.... (13:15) ....

I have just set a new record time for not getting the job.... After all this attempt at being positive and filled with joy and love in the posting, I was told I am too negative and probably uncoachable. It's nice that my interviewer choose not to waste any more of "my" time, which is seemingly of little value under my present salary structure, but I think she meant her time given that zero times anything is still zero.

I guess that I really can't blend into this world of fakes, liars, and sleeping minions anymore, but at least she was somewhat honest... Must be time to start considering other options...



  1. She was just projecting her OWN negativity onto you.

    Hang in there DK. You've got the faith, and faith moves mountains.

    Great blog - found it via visibleorigami

    - Frankie

    1. I see it slightly differently, I have quite simply lost any ability to hide in plain sight over the past several months. Mostly this has resulted in being approached by strangers in need of friendly advice or simply somebody who is willing to listen, but professionally it would appear to red flag me as I seemingly spring all the traps and find all the buzzwords... I suppose it also does not help that I instantly the term 'think outside the box' this 'managerial-babble-speak' pisses me off to no end as I do not recall ever being trained to think inside the box...