Wednesday, 4 September 2013

twerks twerking so jerks can be jerking

Sometimes it takes a long while to answer some of the most basic questions in life, until you realize that it wasn't answering that took so long, but rather coming to terms with the answer, or owning the answer that takes all the time and effort. I understand and own the answer to the most basic of all questions now. It's the question that just about every single one of us has asked at one time or another: 'why am I here?'. The answer, is much simpler than the question: 'because I chose to be here'. Every single day I make the same choice in waking from my slumber and getting out of bed, while the whole time I could just as easily have chosen not to be here anymore.

I know none of this answers what I came here to do, but then that is an entirely different question, isn't it? Again that question has a very simple answer: I came here to do whatever I choose to do. I could turn on the TV and watch a scripted reality unfold on either MTV or CNN and turn a blind eye to all the little things that rearrange themselves into one very large mass of corruption and lies when examined under the proper light at the exact right angle, but this is obviously not what I came here to do, elsewise I would do just that, wouldn't I? No there's a reason why I manage to find a different perspective on things which most skim past in their outrage or support of whatever the hell 'twerking' is... Yes, I know that's an official word now, but that doesn't mean I have to support such things or even give a fuck one way or the other... Sometimes choice is as simple as that, and sometimes it's more complicated than simply not being distracted by whatever phoney hot-button issue is being forced upon us in order to remove the focus from true issues that we should be concerned with.

I am happy to note that I am not the only one who is not distracted by such things because the way I was reading it last week, Syria should have been transformed into a smouldering pile of ash by now, and yet, somehow, that was delayed. It is still possible that the delay was simply put in place to find some greater distraction like a live reenactment of a Roman orgy in the courts of Caligula during the Grammys, or something equally appalling to some group of Christian zealots that it unites the nation(s) involved into some anti-smut campaign thus leaving only the most indoctrinated sitting at home waiting to answer the gallup poll when they call during the dinner hour to ask if you even know where Syria is on a map. Stranger things have already happened so I don't put much out of the realm of 'all possibilities' these days, though maybe the next distraction does not even need to be that imaginative, and they'll simply set up some brown dude to take the fall for a subway bombing, and that brown dude will have some fourth cousin twice removed whose ex-father-in-law went to Syria once making the connection to Syrian brown dudes (and their wives and children) needing to die violently... But since these are not choices that I engineer and gentrify for the consumption of the masses I couldn't say exactly what the engineered question will be, though usually it takes on some form of 'should we save the Syrians from Syria?' and the answer to the question was on a scale of 'absolutely', to 'possibly' while accidentally (pronounced: purposefully) omitting NO from the possible answers.

In the end of it, all the weapons of mass destruction won't be in Syria in much the same way as they weren't in Iraq, in the same way as Osama Bin Dead-a-long time was not in Afghanistan, but Pakistan, but likely wasn't there either due to a mild case of having already been dead. But people somehow believed that whole mess of an ever-changing and less-than-believable story then proving that the tooth-fairy probably does exist, and may live in Nebraska. Believe what you want to believe, but where some see a design flaw, I see attempts to refine a death-ray, but only time will tell if that is a correct assumption. I know I am not part of the crowd, I accepted that fact a long time ago and have learned to not require the acceptance of the crowd for my affirmation. I've got friends and family who accept who I am, and my own conscience tends not to fail me too often, so I really don't need from much outside of that, and I certainly don't need to extend my family to being so large that I might accidentally sleep with a first cousin that I've never met.


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