Monday, 30 September 2013

business as usual

I know. It's been awhile since I've come around here. It's not like I've been on vacation or forgot to pay the internet bill... Nor did I stop reading the endless one-sided narratives sometimes called headlines, but rather they all appear too say the same things as every other headline which from an eagle eyed view read "trust me, I'm untrustworthy!" in their sublime subliminal.

I no longer feel an outcast for expressing my opinions, and often no longer feel my words go unheard, or shut down in ignorance or indolence, but still the apathy is so thick you need a well heated knife to cut through it. Do these people not realize they are being dangled over the edge of a cliff by creatures with not a droplet of empathy over who lives or dies? Only they have the power to decide between fate or destiny and in the end it more about making the choice than it was about how to proceed once the choice was made... Because the choosing itself is destiny.

I won't try to paint any pictures of rose filled gardens becoming the de facto because the way forward is neither clear cut nor easy. But then, it's possible that I am wrong, just as it always has been. It's been so long since I made my choice that I don't really remember how things looked before I did the choosing. That doesn't mean I can't see or feel how small and incremental changes have modified the general perception of normal, or as they say, business as usual given just how subjective and elusive the word normal truly is.

Maybe these statements are the reflection of my own apathy or simply an understanding that my past attempts have not had the desired effect. Things have changed, but only slightly, and not even slightly enough to alter their outcome, only the timetable in which it occurs. In this time we've bought ourselves, I feel it best not expend my energy pointing out all those things I've already said since all those words still exist in these pages even if all the examples I've cited and linked to do not... That's the funny thing about this age of digital press, and having an unprinted past which could evaporate or change itself to suit the needs of whoever has control over those archives in such simplistic revisionism.

I'd say more, but seemingly the words have stopped flowing.


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  1. ole dirty
    truth is a miserly bastard only formed w\o capitalism. So Co isn't the answer but could be a fix. buda is the only right. Happiness can only exist in the absence of ignorance. one must look hard at themselves with the help of others. materialism is the antithesis of a well lived life, believe it or not you are walking on air.