Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Invisible cliff diving into an ocean of doubt

The humdrum is back to it's beat and louder than ever. So many things going on, or failing to go on, or even failing to not go on that I am not entirely certain how to get on with it... I realize that I must apologize for people I'd rather euthanize due to their ability to demoralize and undemocratize and inability to prioritize. While at the same time I thought the official line for such things was that there is no such thing, but maybe I missed that particular memo. While I am not completely certain as to what it all means, it feels like the good guys might have won a couple of battles, which means the door is likely going to try and swing back the other way pretty hard if we don't pay it proper attention.

There's much chatter about some non-existent cliff, which is too bad, because it'd be poetic to drop all the bankers head first off of the Fiscal Cliff. I don't really see how these things reverting to where they were when the world (U.S.) was a better place could possibly be bad for anybody except those who've reaped the better at our expense over the same period of time... True, my job might quit me for the reduction in military spending, but my job feels like it's trying to quit me three times a week already, so realistically, the finality sounds better than the constant threat of finality. Besides, then I could stop feeling so hypocritical over accepting a paycheck financed by warmongers no matter how small and unrelated to war my part might be.

Ah, but we'll always have Syria, until we don't anymore. One day, there it was, gone, until it came back... We could learn something from that whole experience, or we could go back to pretending it can never happen like that again (or at least not here), which I suspect most will actually do. We are almost proud of our 'complacency and injustice for all' in these times of despair and decay.

That was not a compliment.

I know I've been all over the place today, but that's exactly where everything else is this week. I'm not really in the mood to water it down or try to assemble it into something cohesive. But I assume I'll figure out what my point was eventually and things will somehow seem less manifestoish, if there is such a word.


Now, back to the good guys... With things happening so quickly, it's almost too fast to process whether good or bad changes are occurring. It certainly might feel like we've chosen a comfortable shoe at the store, but two days later, that new shoe smell is gone, blisters have formed, and you are now worse off than you were before. You curse that 6-year-old in Malaysia who so poorly manufactured your shoe despite that it's your own fault that you bought the shoe. I guess, I am trying to say this needs some time to digest, because it's possible there's something toxic hidden in the pie.

Vigilance moves forward while caution steers and judgement handles the gas and brake. The eyes sometimes see mirages which must be dispelled by the brain. In this 'world's a stage' 'theater of war', it's easy to get distracted by the fakeries, phonies, and counterfeited. Continue to ask the question 'and the bad news?' and be ready to solve it. Could it be 12212012? As fun a number as it is (though not as fun as 12212112, which is when OJ finds the real killers), it sounds beyond preposterous for a number of reasons, but most importantly, leap year?

I suspect it will be here sooner than we'd like and hit harder than we'd like to believe. But it will most likely be a counterfeit problem to which we're offered a cardboard cut-out solution as a trap. Yes, that plan is likely moving up in priority because Iran looks less and less viable as the days pass. World opinion, it appears, is contrary to leadership opinion, again, if these are real numbers, which I suspect they are not given how polls tend to work.


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