Sunday, 29 July 2012

a confession

Forgive me father, for I have sinned. It has been never since my last confession, and shall remain never until my next.

My sins include a failure to tow the line and repatriate the falseness of a manufactured history created with the sole purpose of selling redemption over the crimes I had no involvement in committing in the first place.

I have repeatedly dared to make decisions not from the fabricated menu where breakfast is only served prior to 11:00am and can only be option A or option B.

I have even openly decided not to decide whenever choosing felt likely to be a covert obfuscation of the real question at hand.

I have lashed out and openly ridiculed the world around me as a concerted effort to reveal the true boogie man behind the curtain against the popular belief that there's no curtain nor boogie man regardless of any risk to myself.

I have proudly failed to open my heart and or wallet to the guilt of problems manufactured out of corporate greed, profit taking, power grabbing, and every other fascist act proving the lack of conscience of corporations claiming to be people too.

I have even laughed at the very notion that corporations believe they are entitled to the same rights as individuals, especially when the right to loss of freedom for committing a crime appears not to be up for debate.

I have repeatedly failed to kneel at your graven image printed in the convenient denominations of $5, $10, $20, $50, & $100 and forgotten to be thankful for the pittance of such handouts known as paychecks. I have even grown so apathetic as to observe this tithe as no great reward for my enslavement in a failed social experiment.

I have not worshipped the approved and endorsed idols of consumerism.

I have failed to obtain any sense of loyalty to the products and services I have been repetitively exposed to at great expense to our corporate owners.

I have broken laws, regulations, and defied direct orders from superiors and authority figures on the grounds that I could see no merit in those laws or directives except for exacting control over my person or for the obstruction of my rights as a human being.

I have consistently questioned the status quo sometimes solely for the sake of obtaining a rational answer which would never be forthcoming.

I have failed to believe 95% of the official story about almost everything from creation to science, patriotism to terrorism, God to Gaia, and discovered the price on truth is the admissions fee of every lie ever told. Yet it was worth every penny.

I have even dared not to hate the enemy as has been presented to me. Mine enemy is not the officially endorsed enemy but rather the officials endorsing the enemy. And I neither hate nor fear them either, but bestow unto them my pity. For even they likely know not what they do.

I have forgotten to envy my neighbour for their material possessions for they are ultimately bigger slaves to the machinations of of consumerism and are likely indebted to the gods of high finance for their creature comforts.

I have neglected to dislike myself into the cycle of buying useless crap to fill the void in my life.

I openly refute "expert" testimonials whenever undeniable proof lacks any sensible logic.

I choose oppression over subversion, incarceration over phony freedom, and ridicule over sheepishness. I am my own person and owe my allegiance to no false flags.

I fear no wrath and ask no further forgiveness for my actions. I believe what I choose to believe, and in those beliefs, I need only forgive myself.

For God is within me, and everyone and everything around me. There is no temple, no offering plates to fill, no true book wherein the words of a deity truly exist. There is only the word of man, bent on creating the consensus of other men, in the grand and age old war to control all other men. I lust after no power, I crave no fame nor fortune. I seek only the unbiased truth and deserve no less.


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