Wednesday, 4 July 2012

I do not believe

It's a very narrow pedestal I stand on these days. I do not believe. I do not subscribe to the generally accepted programmed reality of most, and on the other hand I have the alternative media rehashing the same tired questions which do not have answers. It begins to feel like it's own propaganda after the decades of sifting through headlines searching for answers to the unanswerable.

Yes I see the overlaid and overlapping control systems of Law, Regulation, Politics, Money, Economics, Religion, Morality, Media and to a degree many of the Sciences as well...

Let's face it most sciences are complete fabrications these days. When the Vatican does not condemn research into the supposed God Particle then they obviously endorse it which can only mean that such a thing would prove the unprovable 'Big-bang theory' which in itself is a scientific postulation designed to support Genesis with a timeline that suggests that it's presently the 7th day, and God is still resting. And don't even get me started about medicine / pharmaceuticals.

Physics seemingly still hold true and Mathematics (of real numbers at least) also tends not to lie because if I fall down and land on a knife cutting off one finger, I certainly would have fallen DOWN and have NINE fingers left. But I think even the people in those fields are beginning to run out of tangible new ideas and are now hunting for anything but the elephant in the room.

Nuclear Physicists are some of the biggest liars going because if we had been told of the secrets behind nuclear fission and the fact that we were creating toxic waste that will outlive our own sun I am pretty sure we'd have stoned them all to death rather than let them actually build a nuclear reactor. I am sad that Iran wants one so much, but I very much enjoy the way they embrace being the villain at the same time. It's not that I think the are not absolutely correct in their desire to be self-sufficient in supplying their own energy (not a bomb), but the simple fact that nobody anywhere should want to create a substance as deadly as enriched uranium makes me rather distraught... As for the bomb part of the equation, give them some bombs already... Somebody in the neighbourhood has to put the fear of God into Israel to keep them in check.

But who am I kidding, the Middle East is allowed but one nuclear power and their God tells them they can do whatever they want to the Gentiles (coincidentally this means anybody who is not a Jewish Israeli in the most recent translations of the Torah), because the Gentiles are not human nor Gods children... I must apologize to all my Jewish friends, but from my field of vision, unless you have shot at least one unarmed Palestinian in the face without mercy, hesitation, or guilt, you probably are not in their clique, and I do not hate you for what you are. I do not hate them for what they are either, I pity them, and I even believe they are misrepresented as I am sure there are many Jewish Israelis who do not hate me despite that they've been told to. Likely there are many who have shot a Palestinian in the face who do feel remorse, guilt or even hesitated... They are also not in the clique.

But then, these power cliques are really exclusive and difficult to join... And it is not just Zionism which is the enemy at the gates, because that would be too simple a foe... The money changers already have us propped up and over extended, just look around with open eyes and a simple question: "what's in your wallet?". Because the only truth behind that question is "your ownership and enslavement" along with "your politics, your sciences, your law, your regulation, your media, your religion, and your morality".

So, in the end, I do not want to believe and I choose not to. Instead, I watch, and I listen and I pick and choose my truths in a mind unclouded by fictitious beliefs.


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