Monday, 18 June 2012

The Agony of Victory and the Thrill of Defeat

Elizabeth May of Canada's Green Party seems to think that massive numbers of Canadians knowing about the Harper Government™ pushing through a whole bunch of sketchy legal amendments to a wide range of things under the guise of 'a budget bill' is somehow a victory... I think she's taken the G.I.Joe motto of 'knowing is half the battle' far too literally, because, really, it's too late to do anything about it now.

Yes C-38 is now passed into law. Environmental controls are forfeit, we must now work longer to retirement, and, countless other changes and repeals of the law are now in effect. Regardless of opposition, regardless of Canadians knowing about it, the Conservative majority had all the power it needed to force it through as quickly as possible. There was nothing, short of riots in the streets of Ottawa, (and I am not convinced that would have stopped it either), that could have prevented this from happening. NOTHING.

We all got to see what matters here, and who is important, and it was not us. I did see this coming as soon as the majority CON government was announced after the election results. The next thing that will be forced down our gullets will be Police State control and monitoring of the internet, you know, to protect the children, and stuff (Stuff: noun: rich international business owners, investment bankers, and anyone else who thinks WE share our opinions too openly and are aligning against them).

Let's face it raping a person is a crime, raping a nation is an art form, which, seems to work best when we cannot identify our attacker(s). We may know C-38 was sponsored by the shadow puppet-masters who own most of the planet, but, they know the veil is slipping, and this unfettered access to information is the root of their problems. So again, there is no victory here, yet. If anything the massive show of awakening Canadians just proves that we are not brainwashed enough and they must take things to the next level if they are to nip this in the bud. And now that we've seen how well protesting in the streets works (because other than scaring off the tourists, it does not seem to do much), it's time to consider plan B.


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