Friday, 3 February 2012

In Con$erving™, we may need to keep you a debt $lave a bit longer

The Harper Government™ is mulling over the idea of raising the retirement age another two years to 67. I know I did not post it here, but I have said it aloud to many people: 'my retirement shall not happen, it shall dangle further and further from my nose until I am dead'. This statement is usually in association to the shock and horror that I have not locked my money into a banks 'retirement savings plan'...OK, so it is frequently a bank employee or telemarketer representing a bank who is shocked by this attitude.

This is enhanced by the belief that no matter what I save now I will need infinitely more to sustain myself later, heck I need more this year, than I did last year forget 25 years down the road. There is the other fact that I needed less a decade ago when I earned more than I do presently, so really in this equation I am putting money into an account to save 5% in tax now to need it in less than a decade and pay 25% tax on it then, this doesn't sound fiscally responsible to me. Usually they hang up at this point... Nobody likes loosing an argument.

It's OK, I am not even mildly upset at the government (this time), even if I do not see them Con$serving™ anything. I understood the economic law of diminishing returns present in an aging population when I was 15 (I even remember the argument I had about it then), so this move is inevitable. Just like the next two or three will be. I am upset, however, that I was right...


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