Wednesday, 12 October 2011

#OccupyWallStreet - They just don't understand it, do they?

I've been reading a fair bit about the Occupy movement and find the MSM coverage to be rather hilarious. Sure, they have ignored it for as long as they thought possible, and have attempted to infiltrate it to ramp it up to a point of violence, and are doing their best to label it a pinko-commie-unwashed-hippie-grandstanding event. They are even trying to go so far as to paint it 'left' or 'right', not that these terms have any real meaning as the Dumbercrats and Repugnitans do not look any different from each other these days. I expected no less, these are all familiar tactics they use to attack what they choose not to 'investigatively report' on.

The funny part, is that they ask such a stupid question as: "what are their demands?". I find that utterly hilarious because it proves how little they understand what is going on and demonstrates just how far up it's own ass the MSM's head is.

Why should a group of people who are so disenfranchised with the system that has routinely sold them out have any demands at all? Who could they make their demands to? The congress that are owned by Goldman Sacks, who is one of the companies they are protesting? The police force owned by JP Morgan Chase, another company they are protesting? I mean, really, what would the actual demands be? They could demand that the justice, political, and legislative systems do what they were supposed to do originally, but at this point that would mean turning themselves in after arresting the invisible power-elite that have been destroying the world for decades for their part in the conspiracy. (I am sure there are still good people in these institutions, but unfortunately it is difficult to sort the good from the bad. But we do know that the rats are the first to jump from a sinking ship so maybe that has to happen)

The last 'person' who tried to stand up to this power-elite was very publicly shot in the head several times back in the early sixties. The elite have had 50 years to gain their footing and design even better strategies on public executions since then.

So the 'demands' would fall on deaf ears that were already complicit in the crimes or cover-up of the 2008 TAARP cash-grab, the fraud that collapsed the system leading up to that, and the blind-man's mortgages that started the whole chain of events.

This group does not need to present any demands, it simply needs to grow, and it is doing quite well in that regard. This group does not need to 'break stuff' it needs to stay focused on it's intent to 'fix stuff'. This group needs to stay guarded from the agent provocateurs and maintain it's focus, which it seems to be doing well at thus far. This group simply needs to continue to exist to achieve it's goal. Once it reaches critical mass, there can be no denying that they outnumber those who have broken the system, then they can rebuild their own system, one that is just and fair, one that will punish the guilty, one that will represent the masses, one that has true democracy and liberty. This revolution could be won without soldiers on the front-lines.

EDIT 14:15 OCT 12, 2011
It would appear that I may have been a little premature in stating that the group has done well in avoiding being infiltrated (as well as a little behind on my reading). Since they appear to be systematically being turned into a hive mind in this video: This is why we can't have nice things.


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