Friday, 8 May 2015

Invisible Hamster Wheels

I see the name dropping game took little time to begin. Of course there is no evidence presently, so maybe it's a king of the castle game in reality. Regardless of whether it's actually true or not they have actually won the terror game simply by making claims, the fear of it being true sends both the politico sphere and genpop into some kind of frenzy.

That so-called internet genius thinks if we stopped watching lolcat videos all day long and interact with politicians online that the world would work... She has yet to acknowledge that people are engaging in political discourse @ which pretty well annuls her argument.

The Canadian government has discovered that if you take money from everyone then don't spend it, you tend to find extra cash, fancy that... I mean, not that I'm much of an accountant, but I do understand how balance sheets work, and that's only the fund they are supposed to use to pay unemployed people, image how much there is when put all together (what's that? Same fund stolen several years ago? Well still, imagine what else there must be in the couch cushions). Then again, I'm not sure accountants nor economists really have much of a clue either given their love for red ink... (I'm not really certain how this headline is a bad thing).

I am fairly convinced all this finance talk was a distraction so they could finally do this. And so the initial posting on this blog has finally failed in its purpose after 4 years, almost to the day... Such is life, which is why politics has taken a backseat to railing against the bank cartels who actually own everything, despite that they would rather we believe that they too are facing tough times.

Indirectly, the banks own all of us too. They 'invest' in corporations via loans, stock options, or shares and of course, those corporations own us. That's provided they don't own us directly via loans and mortgages... Oh, wait, given that every dollar in existence was borrowed from them, or mystically created by them out of thin air, they still own us even while we are not directly under contract to pay them back anything.

I know that I am stuck on this same hamster wheel as everyone else, but at least I am aware that the wheel exists which is obviously not the kind of leverage they want me to have. Strangely enough, they prefer to take the stance that I, and others like myself must be insane rather than offering up rewards for pretending not to notice... But that's a symptom of the overwhelming pull of greed and materialism at work. Eventually that desire to have it all overcomes the logic that you can't own everything: where would you keep it?


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