Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Pulling the Door Marked Push

The oddities of the parliament hill shooting are already starting to surface. For example there is no license plate on the "hijacked" car, the driver of which does not appear to be a suspect. Except that this does not appear to be a hijacked car but rather the car brought there by a homeless lone wolf... Hmmm. Given that it's not yet winter in Canada, one with a car is not truly homeless, at least not until the snow flies.

I'm also seeing reports to indicate that an armed gunman slipped past a number of police who had already gathered @ Parliament for no apparent reason... Maybe they were conducting a drill where a lone gunman enters the Parliament building as so often occurs when 'bad things' happen. Not that it matters how long draconian laws aimed at changing online hate speech or police powers has been on the table, these things tend to be enacted while the urine in the pants of elected stooges is still warm... I've got dozens of links to follow up on (unless they are different now than they were) before declaring the picture as complete, but this doesn't even sound farfetched in retrospect of some of the other events of our present age. I seem to recall an official story of a 2nd gunman who hijacked a green car, and even an interview of the carjacking victim who is not a suspect and now nowhere to be found... I am not the only one who recalls this but can I find videos of him getting into a gold corolla then there are these which show 3 "RCMP" vehicles of officers who apparently ride without a partner, oh, and a carjacking to get from here to 100 meters from here. Not sure where that corolla got too...

It's a broken record you just hear the same things, sometimes EXACTLY the same, and they propose to keep us safe via increased police powers and villainizing the internet. Now, I DON'T condone terrorist acts online, whether by bankers or useful idiots, on our soil or the countries where we employ our own terrorists via proxies and 'accidental' care packages parachuted into 'enemy territory'. I have no idea how they accidentally loaded those crates into the bomb chutes instead of the garden variety explosive bomb-shaped care packages for which a bomb chute was most probably designed, unless I am reading the name bomb chute too literally... I have, on occasion, read things too literally, which might be the reason I've never eaten silica gel... Where was I going? Yes, I remember now; I may not condone such things, but they've redefined a great many other words throughout the years of politically correct sanitatization, that, for all I can tell, my words now might be 'condoning' by the definition of the word condone next month.

Queue the patriotism, queue the rhetoric, queue a police state.

One of the questions I'm not hearing in all these calls for increased security, is how existing security failed? Sorry, failed is too mild a word, unless there is less security @ Parliament than there is @ the CN tower... At the great Toronto phallic symbol, a building of little strategic importance other than to add a landmark to an otherwise bland skyline, there are guards, bomb sniffing devices, and metal detectors, whereas Parliament seems to have a pull door marked push which might explain how our elected officials miss so many days of work, but does not stand in the way of homeless gunmen, who probably didn't bother to read the sign in the first place... Oops, homeless gunmen was supposed to have been sanitized to read homegrown lone-wolf Islamic extremist,... An obvious misspelling and I shall update my autocorrect , NOT!


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  1. funny how stuff happens.... isn't it . .

    when you have a few spare moments try reading the legislative history of the prearranged
    'Anti-Terrorism' legislation the ADL had prepared before the lone wolf McVeigh invented that
    mysteriously effective suck bomb...

    are you familiar with the Robert Fox returns to Canada to Face Justice "Case"...?

    cui bono