Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Projet Montreal decries pricey garbage bins

Montreal's new garbage receptacles for the Quartier des Spectacles entertainment district are irking some city politicians concerned about the cost and the lack of features for the steep price.
Ross acknowledged that the 147 bins will not be compatible with a multimillion-dollar underground automated trash system already built under the area. He said it would take "a lot of work" and money to connect them, and the city had to strike a balance between cost and having enough trash receptacles in the district. 
The what? Secret underground automated trash collection system? Wait, really? There's some underground trash collection system that cost millions of dollars, but we will use these expensive ($2400 x 147 = $352,800) bins further wasting taxpayer money on what looks to be an ordinary plastic garbage bin with a lid...

I want my money back, you are fired


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