Thursday, 8 September 2011

The biggest threat to Canada? eh?

'Islamicism' biggest threat to Canada... or says Steven Harper

Not the encroaching total economic collapse of Europe and the U.S.?
Not the fear of reprisal for our involvement in ẒŇATO?
Not our continued partnership in NAFTA?

Well the problem is easily solved then, arrest everyone who attempts to walk into a mosque... Oh wait that would not be very PC, um wait a minute, did I mean to imply Progressive Conservative, or Politically Correct? Because it seems to be very PC in one instance and not in the other........ let me just re-iterate that I did not vote for this bible thumping Nazi at any time, I've wasted votes on the marijuana party when all other choices seemed abysmal, I've even opted out of voting just to see if the world collapsed (it didn't). 
Let's just take a poke at the language aspect of this first:
Islamicism can refer to:
 What happened in 1980 that changed "the study of Islam" to equate to "TERRORISM"? (wikipedia does not state 'pre 1980's usage' they are very clearly stating a year).
Before 1980, such non-Muslim scholars in this field had been called "Islamicists" and their discipline came under the field often called Oriental studies, now often Asian studies. Many universities offer academic degrees on the subject of Islamic studies.
OK, so they are going to be 'mum' on the why over @ wikipedia... has this:
they don't seem to care that it's not 1979 or earlier (they did not have Islamicism)

So if Islamicism is not a word and an Islamicist is someone who studies Islam (not, as stated in wikipedia, a practicing Muslim), then who is our enemy? Non-Muslims who study the Koran? Why? Because politicians have become too lazy to say Islamic Extremists?!!!??? They are hired windbags for F**k's sake!! They are paid on my dime to speak and occasionally sign some piece of legislation (ironically, that second part usually affects me in some negative manner, so I'd rather they just kept to that speaking part). So now my taxes don't afford me the extra syllables required to not accuse Koran studiers of being terrorists? Then I want it back... All the gas tax, GST, tax applied to cigarettes and alcohol, income tax, property tax, school tax, water tax, transportation tax, CRTC tax, any any and all other hidden taxes. If you've decided that working for your money wasn't good enough, then you are fired.

I haven't even touched on the fact that I don't believe Islamic Extremists are our biggest threat yet...

Do you, as a Canadian, realize that we carpet bombed Libya? We totally did! Canadian CF-18's were involved in 733 'sorties' over Libya by late August.We are more involved now than the U.S. is because they withdrew their fighters (probably to ready them for the next attack, which is, I think, in Syria based on all the recent reports that Gaddafi might be there now). The ministry of truth (Mainstream media) has not mentioned that there was a gathering in Tripoli of nearly 95% of the population of Tripoli in support of Gaddafi in June. What purpose do we have on a humanitarian mission of peace and democracy in any place where the leadership is that highly regarded by the people he is apparently abusing? This ruthless and oppressive dictator even had the nerve to give over a million of his citizens guns!!! He was obviously less concerned with an uprising than he should be for a cruel and inhumane repressor of human rights, or was it that all these stories of the inhumanity simply are not true...

Sure, Barack Osama bin president also gave out a lot of guns, but that was to Mexican drug lords on the condition that they kept giving a discount to the CIA... If he'd given that many guns to U.S. citizens chances are they'd have needed to call another election or two during his recent term.

So we've backed NATO in the decimation of Libya over what likely amounts to a bunch of lies. What was Libya up to? They had a non-privately owned central bank that was using a gold backed currency and they intended to bring their "Dinar" to all of Africa as the African standard currency... Oh, and Libya has OIL...

While I am sure this has pissed off a lot of people, I still don't believe retribution is our biggest threat. It might lead to some isolated incidents and increased tensions with Africa and some of the middle-east. There might even be some threats of violence from splinter groups, but since the Al Qaeda (if they really exist) will be busy running Libya into the ground they should leave us alone.

The real threat we are facing are coming from two fronts:
  1. thanks to Fukushima we'll all be at greater risk of cancer and other radiation caused 'death of misery' type problems.
  2. Complete global financial collapse.
Fukushima is still in meltdown!
Sure the news doesn't like to talk about it much, because nothing has changed; radiation, nuclear death, yadda yadda... Instead let's talk about ANYTHING ELSE. Remember that this is the same media that showed us the twin towers falling (like the controlled demolition they were) for MONTHS after 9-11... They ran with that well beyond beating a dead horse so let's not imply that they don't want to sound like a broken record. Sure there's nothing that we can really do about it, but we could start lobbying against nuclear (or nucular if you're an ex-president) power, or lobbying for more transparency from so-called nuclear safety commission groups, who quite frankly seem to be owned and operated by the nuclear power industry.

Fukushima is worse than Chernobyl was and they might need to add an 8 to the nuclear disaster scale. Radiation is still flowing, fuel rods are still molten and may remain so longer than any of us will live. While I may not know much about radiation I do know that it's effects are cumulative, this is why the x-ray technician or dentist is never in the room when you are getting zapped. It's relatively harmless in small doses, like once or twice a year, but not thirty times a day like an x-ray tech would encounter.

All that radiation has been leaking into the air and ocean, and it's been traveling with the jet stream and ocean currents since March... But It's not big news, in fact it isn't even in the news.

The other threat is the collapse of the global economy.
Since 2008 with the unprecedented bailouts of banks that were considered 'too big to fail', several countries are on the verge of bankruptcy. Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy and the U.S.A. are all busily spending more than they earn. The European countries involved have been receiving their own bail outs from the Eurozone and the IMF, but this is just a stop-gap measure. Everybody knows that getting another credit card to pay for their 4 other maxed out credit cards will not improve their cash flow for very long and once that too is maxed out it is yet another bill to pay every month.

The U.S. has the largest debt ever recorded in the history of the world and a dwindling service based economy. Their GDP continues to shrink while they produce less and import more year after year. China is already getting antsy, and considering how much U.S. debt they own, why shouldn't they?

So why don't the world's leaders understand that using debt to pay one's debts is doomed to fail?

Will Canada escape this collapse unscathed? I highly doubt it. In fact I honestly believe that our economy has been less affected by all the ongoing financial crisis-es is due to our relatively small population keeping us off the globalist radar. We won't be off the radar forever, and sooner or later some globalist is going to get thirsty and realize how much water we own.

Oh, and the banks have never been punished (except in Iceland, but then again, they are not in the news for their backwards thinking of allowing their largest banks to fail, and arresting some of those responsible) for their gambling losses, they have not even been reprimanded or given new regulations to adhere to, they were rewarded with daddy's gold card for wrecking the Porsche, so what's stopping them from repeating 2008? Nothing. They believe that governments will bail them out again should they choose to be just as reckless as they were in 2008, but with so many governments in such massive debt already where will that money come from?

The inevitable will eventually transpire: Countries will default, banks will seize their assets then sell them on low interest mortgages to people who can't afford to pay them back and the cycle will get progressively worse. And during this time many of us will experience inflation like never before. I mean to the point of needing a wheel-barrel full of money to buy a loaf of bread but by the time it takes to cart the money to the store you'd need 2 wheel-barrels.

Again, not that anybody is prepared for this, nor will even have the time to do so.


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