Saturday, 14 May 2011

Obama's already capitalizing on Osama,0,52902.story

Can a campaign sustain itself based on the name dropping of a dead man? I suspect we are about to find out as elections are approaching in the U.S. OBL the name to end all debate over who should rule the world's only superpower (with an iron fist and the other hand in the cookie jar). I find it incredible that this tactic would be used given the growing number of skeptics over 'the official stories' that have been changed more than once...

Try to remember:
It is usually a good idea to make sure everyone involved in a lie agrees with the lie before telling it. It is also a good idea to try to be sure that your lie doesn't implicate you as an international criminal who ordered the first degree murder of a resident of a sovereign nation that gave you no authority to enter said country (fugitive or not, this was an assassination in a foreign country).

Little lie; big lie... If this is the little lie that's been used to hide the big lie, what is the big lie? It could be the birth certificate. It could be the raising of the debt ceiling that does not accompany equivalent budget cuts. It could be the pretext for a new war in Pakistan. It could be that they were not happy with only getting to feel you up before boarding a plane, and want access to your private parts everywhere at any time for no good reason. It could even be a primer exercise; they are testing how gullible the public is to know how carefully to craft the 'big lie'.

...Really? It's just to bolster an election campaign? I guess America can go back to sleep then...

Try not to be fooled by the hype, the next Presidential race will be painted by the media as your choice to vote for "puny human number 1, puny human number 2, and Morbo's good friend" 'Captain Obamaca: the hero of 9/11, slayer of the boogeyman, and champion of truth and justice'.

ED NOTE: I did publish this article and do much editing of this article yesterday but seemingly lost much of that to the great blogger outage of 2011.  Strangely I am one of the 0.16% affected by disapearing posts. I do not know if what was here yesterday will be restored.




    Well, my fears are somewhat averted. The polls have slipped back to post OBL position already. Now the only thing to fear is what the real purpose of the stories were!!! Maybe it was meant to get H.R. 1540 passed by congress.

  2. ...and a hollywood blockbuster for the 2012 election campaign

    My "puny human #1, puny human #2, and captain Obamica" comment still stands