Monday, 4 July 2016

Br'Enter The Phoenix

There's a whole lot of propaganda giving me the heebie-jeebies right now. So much Brexit: 'the power of the people' and t'he NWO is running scared' and so none of it being true. Ask yourself, what would Georgie Soros do? Make public statements calling for a newer, better EU, that's what. Never fear, for the IMF and BIS will be there to befriend those nations getting thrown under the bus, and a new Euro will rise from the ashes of the still dying nations... In 1988, the economist called that currency 'The Phoenix' and date stamped it 2018. The satanic money cult has never been known for its creative genius. I would encourage everyone to read this, mostly so I don't have to keep paraphrasing it.

Unfortunately, paper is not really known for its fire extinguishing properties, especially while water is so readily available... But who am I to make such assertions, I'm no scientist and I suppose the quantities of paper they intend on throwing around might smoother the flames, but then embers smouldered underground at the WTC for weeks without oxygen and while being douced with water because jet fuel, so I don't much trust scientists lately either.

I've been seeing reports that the Orlando shooter's bodycount is rapidly counting backwards, as the SWAT team's count rises. That hot mess is unraveling so quickly that by next week we'll find that the 'shooter' had no weapon and was actually at a different club where he was roofied and transported unconscious to the scene of his alleged crimes. Not much surprises me anymore... and it does explain why the media has been endlessly parroting that he texted his wife while posting to Facebook while killing 50 people while riding a unicycle. Or something like that... They knew they had to prove guilt so everybody would just move on and forget about it. There were to many agendas at stake, so now you must be a card carrying terrorist because you've said something against the LGBT community because ISIS killed those people with SWAT issue bullets because transsexuals... I think...

I don't think the programming was successful on me, because I'm unsure what the moral of the story was. Maybe the word moral in the previous statement is incorrect given its meaning and my inability to reconcile that whole episode to anything akin to morality, but I'm not sure what word works in its place.

Not that we can tell if it's getting better or worse when we keep giving them numbers to fudge. 90% of the people I asked if I'm an asshole checked the yes box, the ninth person wrote no in an empty space next to the single choice answer box... I like the way they think, even if i disagree with their answer.


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